Monday, November 12, 2012

Getting Ready for Christmas - Holiday Food Ideas

Today I'm sharing a few of my favorite holiday foods!
This is a collection of recipes from my personal collection, pinterest, and other blogs/websites.  I have tried all of these and love them! (You can click the pictures to go to the pin/recipe.)
I made this for a party last Christmas and everyone loved it!  It kind of has the sweet/savory thing going.  Perfect with crackers while you are preparing the rest of the meal!
Source: via Leslie on Pinterest
This isn't the exact recipe I made, but it's very similar.  You can really do just about anything with this - I did bacon, cream cheese, and cheddar cheese and it was awesome!  Just know they are a little messy.
This is one of my recipes.  I jumped on the crescent roll appetizer bandwagon a few weeks is seriously such a versatile way to make an appetizer.  These are chicken parm good and so easy!
Green bean bundles...this is one appetizer/side dish that has been requested so many times by my family! It's really easy too.
If you love red velvet, you'll love this one!  It's a red velvet cheese ball, and it's not that difficult either.  This would be great for a party if you didn't have a lot of prep time.
This is another one of my own recipes.  These have a very "fall" feel...they would be great for a snack on Thanksgiving!
Noah requests these all the time...sausage, spinach, and cheese stuffed portabellas.  I have made these for a few holiday parties...if you like mushrooms, you'll like these! 
Alright, let's see what y'all have!  I love building my recipe collection...I can't wait to see what your favorite holiday recipes are.
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