Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Few Pictures...

First thing's first...the blog was decorated for Christmas yesterday! :) I got these pictures for our Christmas card and loved them so much I wanted to use them here too.  I need to do a full post with some more pictures from our little session.  (And no, I don't let my child sit around and chew on lights, I promise.  I just so happened to get that shot before my assistant (Noah) could get to her to take them out of her mouth.  I thought it was a precious picture though, so I used it anyway!)
Here are a few more pictures from the past couple of weeks that haven't fit into a particular post...
Showing off her toothie!  As of this morning, this one has a friend too.  It's barely through, so y'all say a prayer for both of us for the next few days...
She is now absolutely obsessed with the rabies vaccination tag on Hardy...anytime he goes near her she grabs it.  He is a trooper...he normally just stands there and lets her play with it for a minute.
And that is my child PULLING UP!  I don't know if I'm ready for this.  She was almost standing during this.  She's done it a couple of times now!
After our Christmas card session yesterday...we just couldn't take the hat off of her.
Crawling around this morning.  She is such a MONKEY lately!  She is all over the place, whether we're holding her or not.
My in-laws had this walker at their house, so they brought it up to her when they visited last weekend.  She is funny in it...she only walks backwards. :) And we have to watch her, because she is ALL over the place in it!