Monday, November 26, 2012

8 Months

Emma Ramey is 8 months old today! 
 I feel like she is SO different than she was this time last month. She has learned so much, and her little personality is so different! 
Here's what you're up to, Emma Ramey...
As of this morning, you were 21.6 pounds.  That puts you in the 93rd percentile still...chunky monkey. :)

Measuring your height right now is like measuring a gorilla's height.  But for the 2 seconds I could pin you down this morning, I got 27.5 inches.  That can't be right, because you were 27.5 at your 6 month appointment...but if it is, you're only in the 50th percentile now!

Clothing Size:
  Mommy has officially packed up the 9 month clothes.  You are in 12 month clothes now...just a little bit roomy, but much better than tight 9 month clothes!

We just moved up to size 4 this weekend.  Size 3 still fit, and you're still in the right weight range for them, but they aren't really doing their job anymore, if you get what I'm saying. :)

You are eating 4 times a day now...about every 4 hours.  For the first 3 meals of the day, you get 3-4 ounces of fruit and veggies, and 7-8 ounces of formula/milk.  The last feeding is right before just get 8 ounces of formula/milk then.
So far, you've tried pears, apples, avocados, yellow squash, zucchini, butternut squash, green beans, sweet potatoes, and plums. You don't have a sweet tooth at all - you usually like veggies much more.  We've started mixing a few fruits/veggies together too!

You are getting a little bit of hair!  It's mostly in the pull at it all the time, like you don't know what's going on back there. :)  It's coming in a dirty blonde color.

And you still have the prettiest blue eyes I've ever seen!

Besides teething, sleep has been great!  You go to sleep at about 7 each night, and wake up between 7-9 each morning...I know that's a big gap.  It's 7ish if you're not teething and you've slept through the night, but it's closer to 9 if you are teething and you wake up in the middle of the night some.  If you do wake up in the middle of the night, it's usually for 15-30 minutes, at 3-5am.  I've just been letting you go back to sleep without me, because I usually just wake you up more.

Naps have finally started to get back into a routine too.  You take 2 naps now - a 1.5-2 hour one in the morning and a 1-1.5 hour one in the afternoon.  You are such a fantastic sleeper...I am so thankful for that!

Fun Stuff:
 You are into EVERYTHING!  We're lucky if we can get you to sit still for more than a couple of minutes.
You are an official, full-on crawler now!  You still do the army scoot some, mostly if you're on a slippery floor and can't get your knees under you.  But if you want something, you're going to be there to get it, and fast!
On that note, you love cords.  And shoes.  It's baby-proofing time around here. :) 

You have two teeth...both the bottom middle ones.  Teething hasn't been the most fun stage, but I think we're past it for a little bit mostly.  You have been in the happiest mood the past day or two!
You are just starting to pull up.  I've seen you do it on your own once or twice - this morning was one of those times! Daddy has seen you do it a couple of times.  If you can reach it, you can pull up on it!
You say "Dada" when you see Daddy now, whether in pictures or in person.  You'll say "Mama," but I don't think you're relating it to me very well yet.  You can say "Nana" and "Ha"...we don't know if that means "Hi" or if you're trying to say Hardy (because you'll say it around him a good bit).   
You can clap, give "high fives," and wave bye bye.
You are a ham when I get the camera out!  You've figured out that my iPhone is a camera, and this morning, you put on a show for your 8 month pictures!
You love playing Peek-a-Boo!  If we give you a towel or a burp cloth, you'll hold it in front of your face and pull it down when we say.  You just smile and smile!
 You have been jabbering a lot lately.  I wish I could understand what you are saying, because sometimes you just get so passionate about it.
You can now fake laugh and fake cough.  You've learned you get attention for both, but they are both most definitely fake.
You can click your tongue on the top of your mouth.  You'll imitate me when I do it, and if anybody makes a sound that is similar, you'll do it to imitate them.
Your favorite toys are Sophie, your picture book, and Birdie.  If you can get your hands on a remote or a cell phone, you love those too.
 You've used a sippie cup a couple of times!  You've finally started to figure it out.  You aren't wild about the taste of water, but it's getting better every time you try.

You think sneezes are the funniest thing that has ever happened.

You are turning into SUCH a little dare devil.  You love when we turn you upside down.  You also love for Daddy to lift you high in the air.
You've learned to reach for someone when you want them to hold you.
Happy 8 months to my favorite girl in the whole world!