Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Top Baby Products - 3-6 Months

(Updated:  you can check out all of my Top Baby Items posts at these links!)

I like to occasionally document what baby products have helped us in this period in Emma Ramey's life. This helped me so much when I was planning registries and figuring mommyhood out!

(Click on the pictures to see the product!)

Exersaucer - this is probably our single most used item.  Emma Ramey isn't quite sitting up on her own yet, so I'm not at a stage where I can sit her on a blanket on the floor.  This allows her to sit up and gives her lots of engaging things to do!  I can't sing enough praises of the Exersaucer...it is a total lifesaver if you need somewhere to put the baby for a couple of minutes.

Sophie the Giraffe - my child is absolutely addicted to this toy.  It is by far her favorite!  Every child I've ever known that has this is completely and totally obsessed with it - I don't know what they do to these things, but it works.  We have the smaller one in the picture.  It is made of a rubbery material and is great if they are teething.  It's stretchy so they can just chew away on it.  One warning though - it has a squeaker, so you might not be able to use it around dogs. :)  We learned that the hard way a few weeks ago.  But you can put your finger over the squeaker in the back and it won't be loud!

Halo Sleepsack - Emma Ramey won't sleep without this now.  She HATED the swaddle - I mean would fight it and wouldn't go to sleep until it was off of her.  She likes to have control of her arms, so this is perfect for her!  It keeps her warm without being dangerous to have in the crib.  It has seriously become like a "security blanket" to her - even if it's hot, she has to have it on to go to sleep.  They make thinner ones and thicker ones too, depending on how warm you need to keep the baby!

 Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair - We've only recently started using this, but I love it!  It doesn't take up extra space in your house, but is a great place for the baby to eat.  We also put her in it to play when I'm working in the kitchen.  It isn't as expensive as a full high chair either!

Baby Bullet - I've been making ER's baby food for about a month now - this is a great set if you're planning on doing that.  If you have a good food processor, you could do it in that.  But this also includes the little jars and the freezer tray.  Just having all of it in 1 package is so nice and convenient.

Dr. Brown's Bottles - We have the infant starter set and we're able to only wash bottles once a day.  There are a lot of parts, which is kind of a pain to wash, but we have never once had a problem with gas or colic when using these!  They're very durable too - we're going on 6 months of using them and, besides the logo fading a little, you'd barely know we've used them.

Medela Pump in Style Advanced - this is a must if you are breastfeeding.  I have exclusively pumped for a few months now, but even if you aren't doing that, there are going to be times when you won't be with the baby and need to pump.  I thought about buying just a cheap pump at first, and I'm so glad I didn't...besides being more comfortable, this has a double pump (so it doesn't take as long to pump).

Hope this helps a few of you new(er) moms out there!  If you have a product you love for this age group, comment below!