Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Beauty of Life

**Updated with info on how to help the Turner family at the bottom.**
Today has been a reminder of how precious and fragile life is. 
On this day two years ago, we were told that we were losing our first pregnancy. I had an ultrasound that confirmed our baby was not growing, and I had a D&C later that day to quicken a miscarriage that was going to happen eventually.  To this day, I regard that as one of the worst days of my life.  
I think about that baby (and the second pregnancy we lost) each and every day.  I wonder what those babies would have been like.  What they would have loved, what they would have hated, what they would have looked like.  It's something I can't let myself dwell on for too long to keep from getting myself into a bad emotional place.
This morning, I also found out that a girl I follow through her blog and twitter lost her husband last night in a car accident.  Julee has a little girl that isn't much older than Emma Ramey, and I can't help but just be absolutely devastated for her.  I've only even talked to Julee a couple of times through twitter, but I've followed her story for years.  She is living my absolute worst nightmare right now.
The blog world is an incredible community that bands together so well in times of tragedy.  Julee and her family are covered in prayer right now...please join us in praying for her too.
All of this has just given me a wake-up call to how fragile and precious life can be.  I spent a good bit of time this morning just watching Emma Ramey and Noah play - and fought back tears the entire time.  I think the hardest part is that Julee's little girl will never know her Daddy.  I am so heartbroken for that family.
It isn't my place to question God's plan, but you can't help but wonder "why?" in times like this.  There is a bigger picture here that we aren't seeing, I trust that - and that's the only thing that gives us solace in times like this.  God's plan is greater than anything we could imagine.  Does it have bumps in the road? Absolutely.  But it is beautiful and perfect in the end.  That might not mean much to this family today, but it helps me during hard times.
I think we all forget how beautiful and fragile life is sometimes.  If you have a healthy, happy family today, give them a few extra hugs.  And if you would like to help the Turner family, the blog/twitter community is putting together a fundraiser.  Click here for details.