Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sponsor Love - October

Another month, another fun sponsor line-up! (How on earth is it already October, by the way??) 
Check out some of the fabulous giveaways and discounts my sponsors have for you guys this month. :)
Way Cool Designs
Way Cool Designs offers an incredible line-up of wedding books, baby books, photo albums, journals, and more!  These are all very high-quality pieces that are customizable.
I did a full review on Way Cool Designs this weekend...and there's a giveaway that's running for a couple more days!  Check it out here!
Rodan and Fields - Melanie Gould
Melanie introduced me to the Rodan and Fields line of skin care a few months ago.  I have to say that this is probably the highest quality skin care I have ever used!  
I did a full review of Rodan and Fields a month or so ago - you can see it here.  Melanie's site is here.  I'm looking forward to doing a follow up review in a couple of weeks (hint hint...there might be another giveaway involved too!). 
Melanie has an awesome deal for you guys - if you sign up to be a preferred customer this month, she is offering 20% off!  Preferred customers get 10% off their products and free shipping.  She will also waive the $19.95 PC enrollment fee for this month as well.  You can email Melanie for more info!
Tookies has just THE most fabulous looking treats on the internet.  
This is probably my favorite addition to their line-up this month - wedding-themed treats!  Who doesn't love a good piece of wedding cake?  Now you can have it in cookie form - YUM!
You can see their site here...I also did a review a few weeks ago!
Tookies has a great deal for my readers - use the code lambertslately15 for a 15% discount on your purchase!
oh my tookies!
Tookies also has a fabulous blog - oh.my.tookies!  This is a great blog that explores the fun of having a small business, inspires, and highlights other fun corners of the internet.
I actually did a guest post a few weeks ago...you can see it here!  Go check them out and give some Lamberts Lately love. :)

Scentsy - Erin Motes
Erin has created my latest obsession...how in the world did I not know about this whole Scentsy thing?  In case you didn't know either, Scentsy is a flameless way to heat scented wax that smells INCREDIBLE.  Seriously - they have every scent you can ever imagine and then some.  As a matter of fact, I have Pumpkin Marshmallow burning in my living room and Pumpkin Roll burning in my bedroom right now - YUMMY!
You can see my full review of Scentsy here.  Erin's website is here...just know that you're going to get sucked in to browsing their delicious scents! :)

Advocare - Christie Bergeron
I am so excited to have Advocare back this month!  These are products that support energy, weight loss, and nutrition.  I have tried these and loved them!
You can find my full review of Advocare products here.  You can see Christie's site here!
The Peek a Bootique
The Peek a Bootique offers beautiful custom canvases and picture frames!  I have loved everything I've seen from them...namely the monogrammed canvases and the step stools!  
These are such cute products...and I love knowing it's a unique piece too!  Check them out here.
Polkadot Posies
This is my absolute favorite place to buy Emma Ramey's bows!  They are well made AND inexpensive...you don't find that combination very often!  Everything in the store is $4 or less! 
I have always loved their bows, but I just ordered my first nylon headband from them and LOVE it too!  They are only $1, and they don't leave a bad mark in the baby's head like some of the cotton headbands can.  You can attach your bows to these...important if you have a bald baby girl like I do. :)
You can find more information about Polkadot Posies in my review here.  You can see their site here!

I mentioned this previously...Peanutbeary's has advertised on my site basically the whole time my site has been here.  This is a great company that sells lots of unique items, like washcloth cupcakes, cutting boards, appliques, and more.  
You can see them here!
Also, don't forget to check out my Stella and Dot party with my sweet friend Kathryn!  These are such beautiful pieces...I know I've got a list ready to order! :)