Friday, October 19, 2012

My Fall Fashion Picks

Have y'all heard of It's a fun website I found a few weeks ago. 
 Have you seen all of the cute outfits that everyone's pinning on pinterest? This is a site that will let you put together these fun sets! I played on it for the longest time when I found it. 
 Here are a few outfits I've made for fall so far!  They are very "mommy fashion," because that's just where I am in life right now.  And I'm ok with that - mommy fashion is just more comfortable. :)
Black and Yellow

Casual Scarf

Turquoise Scarf and Diamonds

Church Peacoat

Casual Pearls

Gold and Orange

Sweater and Boots

Chambray and Khaki

Cozy Leather

Early Fall

Early Fall by leslieflambert featuring skinny fit jeans

Now I just need somebody to pay for these - any takers? 

Warning - this website is addictive once you start playing around with it!  Enjoy! 

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