Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Thought Dump

-We had a pretty boring weekend. We normally do date night on Saturday, but my mom offered to keep Emma Ramey on Friday night. 
Missy looking cute in her pumpkins. :) 
 So we went to a local Thai place and came back to watch the Godfather. I am a big fan of mob movies, but I've never seen any of the Godfathers. Where have I been? They are SO good! 
And that was about the extent of our activity this weekend. We watched football all day Saturday and did basically nothing Sunday.  It was kind of nice!
-I have decided I have the least cooperative hair ever.  I tried to do the "curl your hair with a straightener" trick this morning - umm no.  I look like a freak show.  So, naturally, I broke out the Hot Sticks (like, from high school)...because I am THAT dedicated to the cause people.  Or I'm stubborn, one of the two.
-The fall allergies finally hit me.  It happens every year about this time.  This year was pretty tame though - I can deal with only a few days of the stuffy nose.  It usually lasts for weeks.
-It has become clear in the past few weeks that I have some kind of compulsion that make me peel nail polish off.  I've never really wore nail polish (except on my toes), and now I know why - it's gone in like two days.
See?  And I can't not do's like an addiction.
-My child is THIIIS close to crawling.  I'm not sure whether to be excited or sad (or scared).
-We are officially, totally hooked on Homeland.  I SO wish we had watched last season now.  We've seriously thought about getting the DVD version of Netflix again for just this (we only have streaming now).  It is the most enthralling show I've watched in a LONG time!
-Who's excited for Halloween?  We've decided we're not going to take Emma Ramey trick or treating...Lord knows we don't need all of that extra candy around here.  But we are dressing her up, and we'll probably go to the grandparents' house to show her off.  I tried her costume on a few days ago to make sure it fits (I bought it when I was pregnant).  I almost keeled over from the cuteness.
Happy Monday!  I'm off to do my grocery's sad that I get excited for Monday morning for this very reason now. :)