Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Long Weekend

We had a fun, long weekend! 
On Thursday, we visited Noah's parents for the weekend. There were a couple of events going on that we wanted to attend, so we thought we would make a long weekend out of it. 
On Friday, Noah and I got a rare treat - an afternoon date!  His mom kept Emma Ramey while we went to a late lunch and a movie.  We saw Argo - it was SO SO good.  If you've been thinking about seeing it, go!  One of the best movies I've ever seen.
While we were out, Noah's parents took Emma Ramey to their high school's homecoming game to see a friend's son in the homecoming court.  This was her first football game!  She's a little particular about loud noises and strangers right now, so they weren't able to stay the whole time (I'm so hoping it's just a stage).
During the day Saturday, we were able to sit around and watch football.  Emma Ramey has a bajillion toys at her grandparents' house...she was in heaven! (And is SUCH a ham now!  She knows when the camera is out.)
Saturday night, some of our good friends had the baptism for their new baby boy.
Somebody wore shoes for the first time!  These were mine when I was a little girl.
We all ate at a local Mexican restaurant afterwards.  This child danced almost the entire time.  She loved the music and loved watching the bigger kids playing.
She got a little sleepy towards the end...she was a trooper!  It was almost 9:00 when we left, way past her normal bedtime.
On Sunday, we went to a fundraiser at my in-laws' church for a friend's scholarship fund.  Their daughter died of MRSA when she was little, and they have a scholarship for her now at Southern Miss.  Their church did a lunch to raise money for it Sunday.
Of course, my in-laws loved showing their girl off.  Do you think Emma Ramey's grandparents like her?? :)
And even Hardy had a good weekend...this is where he stayed pretty much the entire time.  He is ROTTEN.
On Monday, we headed back to Tuscaloosa.  My grandmother turned 87 over the weekend, so we went out to eat to celebrate last night!
And again, I repeat...this girl is a HAM lately.  She is just so smiley and happy!