Monday, October 29, 2012


The Homecoming game at Alabama is always a big deal for us and for our friends. Noah is still involved with his fraternity, so we always go to the house for lunch that day. It's a fun time! 
Alabama's homecoming was Saturday. It's kind of strange, they usually don't combine homecoming and a big game, but they played Mississippi State this past weekend. So it was an extra important day.
This was Emma Ramey's first time at the fraternity house!
With Daddy and Uncle Harry.  Harrison is Noah's big brother in the fraternity, and is still a very close friend to us.  And he LOVES Emma Ramey.  He would come steal her from us to go show her off.  They have such a sweet relationship already!
This is such a special picture...I wish Noah could have been in it (he was feeding a fussy baby about this point).  The lady in this picture is Mimi.  She's been the house mother for Noah's fraternity and my sorority since we were in college (and she's actually one of my sorority sisters).  She recently took a job with another house on campus, and won't be with our houses this was her last event with us.  We LOVE Mimi...she took care of both of us, even before we started dating, in college.  I am so thankful for her!
There are SO many babies running around that house during homecoming!  There were at least 5 or 6 babies close to Emma Ramey's age.
The little boy above is the son of Lauren and Joseph.  Lauren was my sorority sister in college, and Joseph was Noah's fraternity brother.  Lauren and I have kept up with each other through blogs, and I was so excited to get these babies together!  Hudson is about a year older than Emma Ramey.  It was so, so funny to see these two interact.
He loved to hug cute!
And apparently loved her shoes. :)
And later he kept "belly bumping" a chest bump, but with their bellies.  So funny!
We finally got to meet Colton too!  Colton is Tyson and Crystal's little boy...they've also been good friends for years.  Colton and Emma Ramey are only about a month apart.  I remember being pregnant at the same time as Crystal, and now our babies are taking pictures together...crazy!
We also got to meet sweet Kaitlyn this weekend!  Kaitlyn's daddy and Noah are pledge brothers.  They are also about a month apart!
(Please notice my child's sleepy sign going in this picture...she only had one nap Saturday, and was DONE by this point.  She was a trooper!)
Emma Ramey was kind of amazed with all of these babies.  She isn't around other babies too often.  Since we were around them though, she has seemed SO grown up!  She has talked and talked all weekend.  And, as of this morning, we have a crawler!  She took 4 or 5 solid steps a few times today.  It's crazy - I need to get a video!
Happy Monday everybody!