Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What You're Up To - 5 1/2 Months

My Sweet Emma Ramey,

Just when I think you couldn't grow any faster, you go and surprise me again. :) It seems like you've changed so much even in the past couple of weeks!

Here's what you're up to half way between 5 and 6 months...

-You are this close to crawling. As of yesterday, you can push up on your hands and knees and rock back and forth. You did it a few times for us yesterday, and you were definitely showing out. :) I would not be surprised if you were crawling by the time I write your 6 month post.

-You are walking...yes, walking!  If we hold your hands and kind of "push" you forward, you know to put one foot in front of the other.
See?  There for a couple of weeks I thought you might walk before you crawled, but the crawling is catching up now.  Either way, Mama's world is about to get ROCKED. :)

-You are a bona fide stander. You require less and less balance from us every day, and you're completely holding your own strength.
-You love the outdoors.  If we need to calm you down when you're fussy, we take you outside for a few just stare and stare.  
-Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is still your favorite.  Anytime one of the songs comes on, you stop and stare at the TV, and usually start squealing or laughing.
-I didn't think I'd be saying this a couple of months ago...but tummy time is your favorite now!  I think it keeps you entertained more than the Exersaucer or playing with toys in my lap.  It's almost like you know you have to figure out how to crawl and pull up, and this is how you do it!
-You just love animals.  We thought it might be just Hardy, since that's really the only dog you've ever been around, but we "puppy sat" for a friend LOVED Belle.  She got lots closer to you than Hardy will.
We sat on the back porch and played catch with her for a little while...this is what you thought of it!  (Sorry if the video gives you motion sickness...we were in a swivel chair.)
-Speaking of had your first experience in a grocery cart!  I'm paranoid and didn't want to take you to a store until now, but it's time (probably past time).  You loved it, as long as the cart was moving.
-You are eating cereal (maybe 2-3 ounces? I don't measure) twice a day now.  We've tried white rice, brown rice, and oatmeal.  I think white rice is definitely your favorite, but you'll eat anything we put in front of you. :)  You're also still getting about 30 ounces of formula/breastmilk (about half and half) a day.  Mama's buying fruits and veggies to start making baby food this week - we'll start those after your 6 month doctor's appointment!

-You are napping a little bit less during the day, and sleeping a little bit more during the night.  You nap 3 times a day still, but for closer to an hour rather than the hour and a half you were doing.  But, you are ready for bed around 7 now, and sleep until 7:30-8 in the morning.
-All of the 6 month clothes have officially been retired.  I knew it was time when I was pulling and tugging to get a onesie on you one day.  You fit perfectly in most 9 month clothes now.
-During bath time, you make it a personal goal to kick all of the suds out of the tub.  We can put you in a tub of sudsy water, and they are out within a minute or two.  You get this really intense look on your face and start kicking away.
I took this picture when I was putting you to bed a few nights ago.  We were sitting the same way, in the same place we used to sit every morning when you were a newborn.  I just can't believe that's the same baby sometimes!  I love both of these versions of Emma Ramey so, so much.