Monday, September 17, 2012

Sweet Cousins (And a Favor)

Like I mentioned a couple of days ago, I got a call Thursday from my sister in law seeing if we wanted some last minute weekend company. :) Of course we did! We were so excited to see her and our niece, since they live so far away. My brother in law had to stay behind and work...we wish he could have been there.

Noah picked them up from the airport Friday.  The girls played for a good bit of the afternoon.  We also went back to the consignment sale I mentioned last week, and found a few cute things!
That night, Noah's parents came in to see the girls for the night.
They LOVE those babies.  Love them.  It's rare that they get to see them together, so they soaked up every second!

On Saturday, we went to Clanton for a family get-together.

Emma Ramey got to meet one of her great-grandmothers!  This is Noah's mom's mom. 

She also got to meet more cousins.  She was just FASCINATED with all of the fascinated that she didn't nap from 10am - 6pm.  I'll let you guess what kind of mood she was in Saturday night. :)
And of course, more grandparent time.
This is my "keepin' it real" picture for this post.  The girls had about had it with pictures at this point.
They were so sweet with each other!  You would think they had been around each other forever.
When we went to leave, Avery went up and gave Emma Ramey a kiss.  Sweetest picture EVER.
Sunday was kind of low key...we've played catch-up around the house.  We did get a couple of shots of this sweet girl.  We were cracking up at these faces she was giving the camera!

 I did make baby food for the first time last night!  I made zucchini, squash, pears, plums, and green beans.  She'll start eating these (and a few others I haven't made yet) after her 6 month appointment.  They are slowly being frozen...Mama forgot to buy more than one freezing tray. :)

I even had a cheerleader while I was doing it!  She loves watching me cook.

And I do have a favor to ask...I'm getting together a Q&A post for the end of the week.  Let me go on and admit - I am TERRIBLE at responding to blog comments.  The world's worst.  I'm sure y'all probably think I'm rude when I don't respond (which I am) I'm trying to be better.  If you've had a question that I haven't answered, I'm going to try to answer it at the end of the week in a post.  If you see this and think to put it as a comment on this post, please do...and even if you haven't asked a question and would like to know something, feel free to put it in a comment too!