Sunday, September 2, 2012

Review & Giveaway - Rodan & Fields

I am loving these weekend giveaways! I have some very generous sponsors that want to pass on some fun things to you guys. I love working with them, and I hope you're liking the free loot! :)

Today I have an awesome giveaway from Melanie Gould with Rodan and Fields.
Thanks to Melanie, I have been using this awesome regimen for about a month now!  There are four regimens under this line: 
Anti-Age - helps loss of firmness, wrinkles, fine lines, and enlarging pores
Soothe - helps redness, sensitivity, rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis
Reverse - helps brown spots, sun damage, dullness
Unblemish - helps acne, adults acne, post acne marks
Rodan and Fields is the same company that is famous for the Proactiv line.  I used that in college and loved it.  I kind of think of this as a "grown up Proactiv."  It is a little bit more geared toward adults and the problems they might have for their skin - adult blemishes, acne marks, wrinkles, aging, etc.  
I am using the Unblemish regimen.  Melanie was nice enough to send me the wash, toner, acne treatment, and lotion to try out.  I have loved it so far!  In under 5 minutes a day, I was able to keep my skin clean and clear.  Any new mom knows that your skin goes a little crazy post baby.  This has helped me kind of keep that at bay and feel great, even without makeup on!

The different products I used aren't too harsh.  They are strong enough to do the job, but I never had a problem with them having an adverse effect on my skin.  I have sensitive skin as it is, so I was very happy that these were more gentle.  They also aren't over-drying.  Some face washes and products you use might clear your skin up, but can also make your skin dry or red.  This wasn't the case for me at all!
My favorite part about this is that you get a regimen that is geared toward helping with the problems you might have with your skin.  Through this tool, you take a quiz that finds which regimen would be best for your needs.  I like that the product you are using addresses the problems you have, and doesn't throw in extra ingredients to fix problems you don't have.
Melanie had the following to say about her products and company!
"Rodan + Fields Dermatologists is the only Network Marketing company that has a 9 billion dollar brand standing behind it. ProActiv changed the acne market and now the same Doctors are going to dominate the anti-aging market with their new business! If you are interested in owning your own business, don't want to invest thousands of dollars, and want a quick return on your money this would be the perfect company for you. It gives you the time freedom to work another job, stay home with your family, while building your business and if you consistently work it for 3-5 years it will change your financial future and retirement situation. There are zero parties, no inventory, and 100% money back guarantees for customers and business partners!

If you partner with Rodan + Fields while its a ground floor company, it is the equivalent of buying Walmart stock years ago when it was only $12-16 a share and putting that under your pillow. Those savvy business people who did that are now sitting on $40 Million dollars for investing early before Walmart's momentum started sky rocketing the company!!

Rodan is only a few years old, so our momentum hasn't started yet, but it has been predicted it will hit in the next 12-24 months and when it does it will change the lives of everyone in the company while making it a household name like Microsoft and Walmart.

I am looking for 3 things - Business Partners to help our team grow out of state, Preferred Customers who want to try our multi-med products risk free for 60 days, or I love referrals! If you know someone that has skin, or someone looking for a job,  who wants to stay home with their kids, or needs help paying off debt. This business model can work for anyone. If you don't think anyone has heard of Rodan in your town or city no worries - that means YOU would be the first to bring it to your area, and all you should see are $$$!!

I am happy to chat via phone, text, or email to answer any questions and give you more information. We have a weekly business call that you can listen too just message me and I will send you the number and access code.  My email is and number is 501.590.2619. We have expanded to Louisiana and Mississippi and are excited about spreading the word and growing in all cities and states and we would love for you to be a part of our amazingly supportive group!  Everyone has skin, and we deserve to wear it well :)"
Melanie has been kind enough to offer 1 regimen to 1 of my readers!  That's a $150 value.  I have loved mine, and hope you feel the same way!
Here's what you need to do to enter:  go to the Solution Tool on the Rodan and Fields site and take the quiz.  This tool will tell you what regimen would work best for your needs.
Come back to this post and comment which regimen would work for you, then enter through the Rafflecopter below (give it a second to load if it isn't showing).  You can also enter your email as a second entry...that will sign you up for Melanie's Rodan and Fields emails.  These include news about the product lines and discounts!  
Giveaway will end Thursday night...I will pick 1 person Friday morning to receive a free regimen!
 a Rafflecopter giveaway
A special thanks to Melanie Gould for this fabulous giveaway!

Melanie Gould provided me with an Unblemish regimen to review for this post, and a regimen for one of my readers. All opinions are my own. I shared my experience with the product, but can't guarantee my experience for every user.