Friday, September 21, 2012

Q and A session

One of my worst habits is not answering comments on the blog.  I always have it in the back of my mind, but never do it (don't we all have a couple of those?).  
But no more!
My "new season's resolution" is to comment on blog comments more and to answer questions quicker.  A couple of times a week I'm going to sit down and respond.  If y'all catch me not doing it - call me out!  
 Here are a few questions I've had in the past couple of months.
How do you like the angel care? Has it ever scared you unnecessarily?
For the most part, I love it.  Emma Ramey started sleeping on her tummy at 3-4 months.  I tried going in and turning her over for a couple of weeks, but it would wake her up and made for a miserable night of sleep for both of us.  So I gave in and let her sleep on her tummy, and had that on.  It put my mind at ease!
A couple of months ago, however, it started going off all the time.  She would work her way into the corner of the crib and it would go off. I had the sensitivity turned up to the highest level, and finally just had to trust that she was ok.  I check the video monitor all the time still, and we have nothing in the crib but a fitted sheet and a breathable bumper, so there's very little risk to her.
We put our angel care under the mattress on a piece of cardboard...I suspect putting it on a piece of wood (like they recommend) would probably fix it.  I just haven't done it!  But yes, overall, I loved the Angelcare.
 Where did you get that (jewelry) case?
This is the jewelry case hanging in my closet...I love it!  It was a Christmas present from my in-laws.  I believe they got it from JC Penney or a place like that?  I'm really not sure.
Her (monthly posts) shirt - is it an iron on or a sticker?
They are stickers!  I got them from this shop on etsy.  We use the same white onesie every month - even though I have to get a new one this month because she's outgrown the old one. :/
How much did Emma weigh when you started to give her cereal? 
Let's see - she was almost 5 months when we started the cereal, and she was 17 pounds at 4 months - so maybe a little bit under that?  We could have started it earlier with her though, she definitely wanted it.  I think it all depends on the baby!
(I've gotten this one a few times.) Are you going to have more children?
If that's what God has planned for us, yes!  One more will probably be it, but we would love to have another.  Given our history, we're not setting a specific time we want another one.  It's not happening yet, we know that, but hopefully the babies will be 2-4 years apart.
Will you do the blog sale link-up again?
Yes!  I had so much fun with the last one.  I'm thinking of doing another one in the spring, so save those clothes!

Where did you get the red necklace?

That is an old picture - so I honestly don't remember.  I think it's from a cheapie store that's local (Purse Man if you're in Tuscaloosa).  It's nothing nice, I promise! :)

Do you think you could do a post about your favorite items for your little one?
You read my mind - I've got one scheduled for a couple of weeks from now! :)
Where did you get the stroller/high chair cover that Emma Ramey was in on a few of your previous posts?

I got that when either Zulily or Totsy had it when I was pregnant - but the brand is Infantino.  I know they used to offer them every couple of months - so be on the lookout!

Where did you get your "L" fireplace screen?

That was from Kirkland's - we found it in the clearance section!  So I'm not sure if they still sell that one.  The "L" on there is magnetic though, so if you find one that doesn't have your monogram, you can take it off.

Do/did you swaddle Emma Ramey? If you don't anymore, how did you break her from swaddling? And, how old was she when you stopped?

We tried to swaddle her, we really did.  From the night we brought her home from the hospital, we put her in it, and she would fight it.  We gave it a few weeks and she just never would warm up to the idea.  Finally, at about 2 months, we took her out of it and started putting her in a sleep sack...and she loved it!  She sleeps so much better when she can control her arms.  Not every baby likes the "normal" things...this is definitely the case for her.

Do you ever plan to go back to teaching?

This is a question that is pretty much a daily debate for me.  I LOVED teaching when I did it - but I can't explain how much staying at home fits me.  It's perfect for me and for our family.  So I honestly can't answer that right now.  We know that I'll stay at home until all of our children are in school, if finances allow for that.  From there, we'll decide what works best for our family.  And I really don't know where I'll be at that point - I might be ready to go back and I might not.  It just really depends on a lot of things!
I would like to know more about "moms on call"!
Moms on Call is fantastic.  I started it after a few recommendations from other moms on blogs/twitter.  Basically, it's a method of getting your baby to sleep through the night and getting your  baby on a consistent schedule during the day.  A lot of things go into scheduling a baby - feeding, napping, play time - they are all part of it.  Moms on Call teaches you how to make them work for a happy baby and happy parents.
If you do it, I would strongly recommend starting early.  We started at two weeks, when the method recommends starting.  I would have been much less likely to do it if she had been older.  It is SO hard to put that little baby in that big crib, but for us, it was what's best.  (I've said this before - not every baby is the same - so use that parental instinct and do what's best for YOUR baby.  It pays off in the end!)

We were blessed with a baby that was a good sleeper form the start - but Moms on Call just helped us really get her consistent.  And unlike a few other sleep scheduling methods I researched, it was the most down-to-earth!  It's written by moms who know how to communicate with moms.  Seriously, check it out. (And no they don't pay me a dime to say that, it just works and I want other moms to have their sanity. :))

Somebody else asked if we were still following Moms on Call...

We are!  I'm a little behind their recommendations because we didn't start solid food until later - so I'm just now starting the 4-6 month schedule.  With that, I again say do what's best for your baby - as their mom you know it.
Phew...I think that's everything!  If y'all have anything else, let me know and I'll add it to this post! :)
(And the Stella and Dot giveaway winner was Katie, who posted that she loved the capri chandelier earrings!  Congrats should have an email from me!)