Monday, September 10, 2012


Emma Ramey has become quite the social butterfly. :)

On Friday, we went to the hospital to meet her newest friend, Allie Kate! I worked with Allie Kate's mom when I taught, and she became a good friend.   We were pregnant (for part of the time) at the same time, so it was so special to see these two girls together finally!
Noah's parents were coming through town Friday night, and stopped by for a little while to have dinner and see Emma Ramey.  She loves them. :) They just played and played!  Emma Ramey actually stayed up way past her bed time and was in a great mood...I think she just wanted to see them instead of sleep!
Saturday was our first "football Saturday" to tailgate.  We actually did it at a friend's house.  I mentioned a few weeks ago that these were the friends that had their gameday house destroyed by the tornado...they just got finished rebuilding.  The new one is amazing!  It is the nicest gameday house ever.  We were so glad to spend the day with them!
This picture KILLS me.  Harrison is Noah's "big brother" in his is his and his parents' gameday house that we were at.  She just looks like one of the guys watching football.  I love it!
 And, not so much on the subject of being social, Emma Ramey tried oatmeal cereal for the first time Sunday morning.  She liked it, but I don't think as much as rice.  And oatmeal is MESSY!  I think it's because it's a little darker than rice so it's just more noticeable.  That, and my child has learned to blow raspberries with food in her mouth. :)

I hope your weekend was as great as this little girl's!