Friday, September 14, 2012

Just Another Thursday

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I like to do posts about our not-so-interesting days every once in awhile. I know it might not seem interesting to me now, but in a few years I will look back and cherish these days. I'm trying my best to soak up every minute of Emma Ramey at every stage!

Here was our "Just Another Thursday"...

8:00 - I woke up (a little later than normal). Noah was already awake, getting ready for work and washing bottles.

8:15 - I wake Emma Ramey up. She was all smiles when I walked in the room, as usual. :) I think that's one of my favorite things about her.

8:20 - Emma Ramey gets her bottle.  She has tummy time on our bed while I pump...I had to catch her from rolling off of the bed about 3 times (keep in mind, we have a king size bed...girl is on the move lately).
8:40 - Emma Ramey has play time in the exersaucer while I fix my breakfast - oatmeal and coffee.  We watch a little Mickey while I eat.
9:15 - ER gets her morning cereal.  We did brown rice this morning - not her favorite, but Mama's trying. :) She sits in her high chair and plays while I clean out the dishwasher.
9:30 - ER goes down for a nap.  I sit down to the computer to answer a few emails, work on a few blog things, and clean up a little.
11:00 - I wake ER up and she has her next bottle.

11:15 - ER sits in her high chair while I make lunch....tomato soup and grilled cheese (my favorite meal EVER) and Greek yogurt.

11:30 - I get a call from my sister in law - she and my niece are coming in tomorrow!  We're excited to see them.

11:50 - It's vacuuming day on the cleaning schedule.  I vacuum with ER in the Bjorn (I promise I was planning on vacuuming today before I talked to her. :))  She likes it - a little startled by the loud vacuum, but I think she likes being up high and seeing everything from an "adult perspective."

12:30 - We read a nap time book - "Guess How Much I Love You." ER goes down for her next nap.  I work on a few blog things again, answer emails (seeing a trend here? :)).

1:30 - ER is up - surprise!  30 minutes early.  I need to mop, so I go warm up a bottle and mop as fast as humanly possible.

1:40 - I finish up and realize she's asleep again.  Praise all that is good and holy for 20 extra minutes. :)  I finish up mopping and do a couple more cleaning projects on my list.  It's amazing how fast you can clean when you need to.
2:00 ER finally wakes up and gets her bottle.  We have play time...a little bit on the bed (she pushes up to crawl better on the bed for some reason), some walking practice on the floor, some playing with her new toy from the grandparents.
3:30 - ER goes down for a nap.  I get a shower and get ready for the 3:30. :)  It happens sometimes.  
4:30 - My mom gets here.  I called her at the last minute to babysit for me today...I am very thankful for a mom that's ready to babysit at the drop of a hat.  I finish getting ready and leave to meet Noah.
5:10 - Meet Noah at his office.  We were going to get dinner at a place on campus, but parking was we left and decided to eat at home.
5:45 - Tonight was the first night of our big local consignment sale...this is my first experience with one.  It was PACKED.  We got there a few minutes early and there were still about 300 people in line.  Crazy!
6:00 - The doors open.  We didn't get the strollers we wanted, but she did get a few cute outfits...mostly Alabama things, since it was a local sale and you typically can't find those online.  We got a few pairs of shoes too.  I was happy with it!

6:45 - Noah went home to relieve my mom, and I went on a couple of errands...Michael's to finish up our fall decorations (I can't wait to show y'all those!) and TJ Maxx (did y'all know they have Essie Nail polish?  I got a few bottles!).

7:45 - I get home just in time to kiss Emma Ramey goodnight.  Noah and I finally sit down to eat, watch an episode of the Soprano's, and finish up a few chores we needed to do.

10:00 - Bedtime!  

Another busy, ordinary, extraordinary day. :)