Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Football, Family, and Holidays

Not only was this past weekend Emma Ramey's first football weekend, but it was her first Labor Day weekend! 
And it was a jam packed one. Since this was an away weekend for football, we stayed around the house on Saturday (we try to take it easy on away weekends to save up for home weekends). 
 Noah surprised me with flowers Friday reason, just because.  He's mine ladies.
 Emma Ramey finally got to join in on our Saturday morning tradition of breakfast and Gameday on ESPN.  We've done this every football Saturday since I can remember!

Of course we had to have a cute outfit for gameday! 

 She loved watching the games with Daddy.  She really likes football!  I'm sure it's just the colors and things moving fast, but her eyes didn't leave the TV very much.  It was so cute!

Another shot with Daddy.  Apparently we were accessorizing our burp cloth at this point...

 She was even footballed out for dinner that night.  We got this as a baby present, and HAD to use it.  We just laughed and laughed.  She was so proud of it. :)

On Sunday, we celebrated my mom's 50th birthday!  My oldest brother lives out of town and isn't here very often.  This was his first time to see Emma Ramey since she was about 3 weeks old.  They loved each other!

My brothers, my mom, and me!

Missy's first time in a restaurant high chair.  She was AMAZED.  I was a little worried the sounds would freak her out, but she was fine!  She liked all of the attention too...we're in trouble. :)

Monday was Labor Day.  Since my brother was still in town, we spent some more time at my parents' house.

My brother was just amazed at how much she had grown!  I don't notice it from day to day, but when I look at pictures it's just unbelievable.  She's turning into a little person - part of me loves it and part of me wants to just freeze her right now!