Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall Decorations 2012

I just LOVE this time of the year. Everything about it is cozy and fun. I love decorating my house for it too!

For the past few years, I've had the same fall decorations. I thought it was time for a change. I went a little bit more "whimsical" this year than normal, but it's not too crazy...still very traditional to match my house.  Most of the things that I use to decorate for fall just replace some part of decoration that is already there, so it blends well!
I had a few DIY projects...those instructions are included.
Our front doors.

I've been wanting to do burlap wreaths for awhile, but I just didn't think they would look right on our house until fall.  I rarely do wreaths for our front doors since we have double doors, and therefore double the work/cost.  These were SO cheap and easy though...I'm glad I did them now!
Here's how I did them...
I bought a 10yd. roll of burlap, 1 roll of silver floral wire, and flowers to attach.  I had the hot glue and coat hangers at home.  That's all you need!
1.  Take a wire coat hanger and bend it into a circle.  Take floral wire, loop it around the coat hanger, and hot glue it to "tack" it in place.  It doesn't have to stay perfectly attached, this is just how you space out the loops.  I attached 6 pieces evenly around the coat hanger.
2.  Scrunch up the end of your burlap and thread one end of the floral wire through to attach.  Wrap the rest of this piece of floral wire around the end to secure it to the coat hanger.
3.  Keep going around the wreath...scrunch part of the burlap up, thread it through the floral wire, and wrap both pieces around the wreath to attach the burlap.
4.  Once you get all the way around, it looks a little bare.  So go around again.  Do it the same'll need another piece of floral wire to attach it at each spot since you've already wrapped the first one.  Scrunch the burlap, thread, and wrap the wire to attach.

5.  Cut the excess floral wire off of the back.  Take your glue gun and secure each spot that the burlap is attached to the coat hanger...just get your glue gun in there and squirt a little to secure it.
6.  Attach your flowers to cover up the spot where you started/stopped attaching the burlap (the "cut spots" on the burlap).
That easy!  I had to make 2, and I spent about $14 for all of the supplies.  So about $7 for each wreath!

I also LOVE how my pumpkins turned out!  I've had this idea to do a monogrammed pumpkin for each of us for awhile.
Here's how I did them!
1.  Get the reusable pumpkins from the craft store, so you don't do all of this work for just 1 year!  Paint if needed (the big one was already white, but I had to paint the others...just use outdoor acrylic paint).
2.  Print out your favorite font of the letter you need and attach it to the pumpkin with pins (please don't use needles like I did...I had nothing else, and poked myself several times.  Thumb tacks would be best.)
3.  With another thumb tack, go around the outer edge of the letter and poke holes.  The kind of pumpkins I had were pretty soft, so the pin went through just fine.
4.  Once you've made your outline with the pin holes, take a pencil and trace your letter.  If you make a mistake, no big deal...the pencil erased just fine from mine!
5.  You could probably use a brush to do this part, but I use an old sharpie that doesn't have any ink's much easier to maneuver.  Take the sharpie and dip it in just a little bit of the paint and color in your pencil marks.  This was MUCH easier to get right on the big pumpkin, so the bigger you go the easier!
I attached the bow that I made using this tutorial...I was able to get 4 bows out of 1 roll of ribbon.  Just make sure you measure it out before you cut, so you don't run out of ribbon.
Another easy project!  I'm not much of a crafter and I could do it.  Plus it wasn't super expensive!
Our entryway.  You can't really see, but the pumpkins have a little bit of sparkle to them.
The only thing that isn't normally on this table is the fall candle just adds a little accent!
This is normally on my coffee table filled with fruits...I just changed it out to have fall pumpkins/fruits in it.
I mentioned in another post that I think decorating with smell is just as important as decorating with things you can see.  For fall, I'll be ordering Autumn Sunset, Pumpkin Marshmallow, and Pumpkin Roll Scentsy bars for our home.  Remember, my Scentsy party with Erin Motes is open until the 27th if you need anything! You can see the scents I just mentioned by clicking "Scentsy fragrances" under Holiday Collection on the left side of the page.
Same thing...always there, just changed the vases to have a little bit more "fall themed" flowers in them.  These have a little bit of sparkle too.

I can't wait to see other homes decorated for fall.  I love seeing other ideas for so fun!

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