Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dear Teenage Me

I love that Emily at Chatting at the Sky is doing this link up. It's a chance to write a letter to your teenage self.

I've had this "internal convo" so many times...what would I say to teenage me if I had the chance? It would look something like this...

Dear Me,

I can't wait for the next 12 or so years to unfold for you.  They are beautiful and exciting in so many ways.  Let me give you a brief summary of what I've learned in this time...

I know you think life ends at 18. Let me assure you, it does not - it only begins. You are in the middle of the most dramatic, crazy, emotional years of your life right now. It isn't always this way, I promise. Emotions will calm, become stable, and you will begin to learn about the most amazing emotions in the next few years - unconditional love, true happiness, and passion for life, just to name a few.

In high school, being the most popular, the most beautiful, and the most talented seems like everything. These aren't everything, I promise. Life is about finding your passion, surrounding yourself with those that love you and that you love, waking up excited to start each new day.  It took work for me to accomplish all of these things, but I finally feel like I have...and it's better than I ever imagined.

You think you're going to graduate high school and go into a job that you love.  You will, but it's so far from what you are thinking.  It takes you a few years to figure this out, but you will...and those years that it took you aren't in vain.  They reassure you that where you are, here, 12 years later is the perfect place for you.  But, be true to what you love and what excites you, rather than what you think everybody else wants out of you.
And in the boy department - go with your gut feeling.  If it seems forced, it probably is.  When you find the right guy, it will be so natural and you will wonder why you were wasting all of this time without him.  I wish I could answer that, but I can't.  Just know that you get to be with the right person for you for the rest of your life...and that's the most amazing feeling I can ever imagine.
Well, maybe the second most amazing feeling...motherhood is the best.  Motherhood is going to be something that takes some time for you.  You will go through one of the "downs" of life for about a year waiting for a baby.  This is the biggest piece of advice I can give you - don't carry a bitter and resentful heart while you are on your journey to this.  It only hurts you in the long run.  Instead, have faith that God is preparing the perfect baby for takes some time, but she is coming, and she is perfect.
I want you to know that you are beautiful, you are loved, and you are special.  It's hard to believe that at your age, but please know this, and don't ever forget it.
(And PS - you're not fat.  I laugh at how fat I thought I was at your age. Trust me, 110 pounds is very, very skinny.  Go eat a cheeseburger and enjoy that metabolism while it lasts.)
Love, Me