Wednesday, September 26, 2012

6 Months

Emma Ramey, 
Today is your FIRST half birthday! 
That sure was the fastest (and best) 6 months of my life. You've turned into such a fun little spirit, and I love each one of your stages more than the rest!
 Here's what you've been up to...
You are right at 20 pounds this the 96th percentile for weight.  But I weighed you right after you ate, so that might be a little high.

We were SURE you went through a growth spurt last week...but you are only 27 1/2 inches tall this morning.  That's only up 1/2 inch from last month, unless I'm not measuring right.  That's in the 92nd percentile.  We'll get an "official" measurement at the doctor Friday.

Clothing Size:
  You fit perfectly in 9 month clothes.  I've been getting away with putting you in a few 12 month outfits recently.  I wouldn't even know if you fit in 6 month anymore - we haven't tried in a couple of weeks now!

 You are in size 3 diapers.  I thought we were going to have to move up to size 4 for overnight, but you really haven't needed it yet!  You go through probably 5-7 a day now.

You eat about 32 ounces of either formula or breastmilk a day (it's about half and half now).  You also eat probably 2-3 ounces of cereal twice a day...once in the morning and once in the evening.  That has breastmilk in it too.  We're starting veggies and fruits next week if we get the ok from the doctor!

It seems like your hair gets lighter and lighter every month.  I was looking at a newborn picture of you a few days ago - it's completely different!  So you're at a dark blonde now.  No new hair - you rock that bald head. :)  And your eyes are still very blue and pretty.

This wasn't your best month for sleep.  You're still a fantastic sleeper, but you just seemed to regress a little bit.  You take about 3 1 hour naps a day now.  We tried to switch you to 2 longer naps last week, and that was a we'll stick to 3 for now.  You also have been waking up earlier in the morning.  You sleep from about 7pm to 7:30 am now, give or take 30 minutes on both of those.

Fun Stuff:
-You love tummy time now.  You look so determined when I put a toy in front of you!  Not crawling yet, but you can get your knees up under you and rock.

-You can take a few steps if we're holding your arms and kind of "guiding" you.

-When you get mad or fussy, you say "mamamama" over and over.  Your daddy thinks this is hilarious.  You're not relating it to me yet, but it's definitely your first sound!

-You are chewing on EVERYTHING.  If we put it in front of you, it's going to be in your mouth in about 10 seconds.  This includes fingers, shoulders, and remotes...we've had to start watching what we keep around you.

-That being said - no teeth yet.  I'm enjoying that gummy smile while it lasts.
-And speaking of that gummy smile - you've really started showing your gums when you smile, and crinkling up your nose.  So cute!

-You can sit on your own for probably about a minute.  I'm not quite ready to start leaving you on your own to sit, but you're very close.

-Your favorite toys are Sophie, "tummy time friend" (this purple ball animal with a rattle in it), your turning mobile that plays music, and your teether ball.

-You love clapping.  You will smile and smile if we clap at you!

-You love to dance.  If we hold you up standing, you rock up and down, especially if we're singing for you or if there's music on.

-You can roll somewhere at a crazy kind of pace.  We'll leave you on a blanket, come back a few seconds later, and you'll be across the room.  No joke.

-You have definitely learned to squeal and scream if you don't get your way.

-If you're excited about something, you kick your legs and smile now.

-You love being outside, and you love animals - especially dogs.

-You are FASCINATED with your hands.  Every once in awhile you'll just stop and stare at them moving. 

-As much as I don't like it, burp cloths are turning into your "lovies." You love to rub them (clean) on your face when you're tired.  I've tried to kind of force a real lovie on you - not happening.

Happy half birthday to my sweet, sweet girl!