Saturday, August 11, 2012

Review - Advocare Supplements

A few weeks ago, Christie Bergeron with Advocare contacted me about trying a few of their supplements!
She sent me the Spark, V16, and Oasis supplements to try out.

The first thing I thought about was how they would affect nursing.  As a new mom, you have to think about each and every supplement you take and how they will affect your baby.  Christie was a huge help - she told me that her high risk pregnancy doctor recommended the Spark while she was pregnant and nursing.  I also found this site that was really helpful.  I've very much had a "caffeine in moderation" approach to nursing so far.  So, in moderation (1 a day), I've used the Spark and Noah (aka energy drink junkie) has used the V16 and Oasis over the past few weeks. (Of course, ask your doctor before you take any supplement.)
These are great!  I've loved the Spark.  I usually have a cup of coffee every morning (and try to keep my caffeine intake to just that every day), so I've just replaced that with the Spark.  It's great for summertime.  You don't have that "heavy" feeling of coffee, but you still get the benefits out of it.  And even though this is an energy supplement, you get more of a sustained, long-term energy boost, rather than that jittery immediate feeling of coffee or an energy drink.  I was a lot more focused when I was using Spark. I definitely need that to keep up with an almost 5 month old! :)  
Each serving says it makes 8 ounces, but I added a lot more water than that just because I like more of a "flavored water" than an actual drink.  It was really good!  I will say that I started halving the amount of powder I used in a serving, just because I added a lot of water (which made the serving really big) and it had more caffeine than I was used to.  Not necessarily a bad thing, I just don't do a lot of caffeine.  And this helped stretch the amount I had even further too!
Noah's been using the V16 and Oasis.  Like I mentioned - he LOVES his energy drinks.  He usually goes through a few a week, so he's just been using these instead.  He had a couple of the Sparks, and used the V16 as energy drinks.  He's not big on carbonated drinks, so these were great for him (think of a really well flavored Crystal Light).  
He also really liked the Oasis as a vitamin supplement.  It has a blend of antioxidants and vitamins that encourage immune health and cognitive support.  With starting a new job, he really needs that right now.  It comes in a handy little packet that you can take anywhere and just add to a bottle of water...perfect and convenient!
We really enjoyed these.  Thanks so much to Christie for the recommendation!
Christie also has a great special running this month.  If you buy the 24 day challenge from her site, you'll get a bottle of ThermoPlus for free!  See her site for more details!

Note: Christie Bergeron provided supplement samples for this review. All opinions were my own.  Consult a healthcare professional before using any supplement.