Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Random Wednesday Thoughts

It seems like I always need to just do a thought dump on Wednesdays. Monday is kind of a fresh start to the week, and I'm always excited for the weekend by Friday, but that mid-week slump just gets me. But that works out, because I always have lots of thoughts stirring by the middle of the week. :)

-I had to have dental work done yesterday. I didn't have x-rays done while I was pregnant, and it worked out to be over a year that I went without them. So when they checked me in June, I had 5 cavities. That sounds rough, but it was actually 3 cavities that were in between teeth.  (Yes, I'm a terrible flosser, I'll admit it.) Anyway, I had to have all 5 filled at once yesterday.  And it wasn't fun.  They had me completely numb while they were working, but I've been hurting some since yesterday afternoon.  I've never had this many filled at once, and I wouldn't recommend go floss your teeth right now!
-I should have taken a picture of my smile before the numbing medicine wore off yesterday.  Good, quality entertainment.  Noah said I looked like one of those women who had too much Botox.
-And speaking of teeth - we might have a couple in the youngest member of our family!  We felt Emma Ramey's gums yesterday and they are REALLY almost sure there is a tooth popping through up top.  She's been fussier than normal and sleeping weirdly lately, so that would explain it.
-I just heard about The Office ending this year.  A little devastated, but it's time.  It hasn't been the same without Michael Scott.  I am SO sad we didn't start watching this show when it first came on.  We just discovered it about 2 years ago and (especially when Steve Carell was there) we love it!  I think we've watched it all the way through on Netflix probably 5 times now.
-This time next week, football season will have already started.  CRAZY.  Where did this summer go?  I'm so, so excited for next weekend!
-My parents have been married 32 years today!  That's such a big milestone, especially now.  Happy Anniversary you guys!
-We are finally taking our nightly walks again, now that the weather has cooled down.  I have been waiting for this!  Hardy's been waiting a little bit more impatiently. :)
-Project for this week/weekend: clean out Emma Ramey's Newborn-6m clothes.  I'm debating on whether or not to sell them now or wait until next spring.  Possibly a blog sale next week?  I need to clean out my closet too.  I might just do 1 big sale!