Friday, August 3, 2012

Picture Dump

Here are a few pictures from the last couple of weeks that haven't made the blog yet!
Sitting up like a big lady...she is so close to doing it without any support!

Such a big girl. She would sit in this all day if I let her.

This is her newest thing.  She grabs our fingers/arm (whatever she can get really) and chews on them...don't worry, they're clean. :)  My only guess is teething?  I know I keep saying that, but she's been showing signs of it for so long now it seems!
And Hardy's new thing...sittting next to her WHEREVER she is.  He'll ignore her if we are holding her, but he won't leave her side if we're not.  He is so funny.
We've been working on getting our condo ready to rent for football season, and listed it this week!
Yesterday was no nap Thursday around here.  Little lady just wasn't having it...we would lay her down, and after about 20 minutes she was up and playing.  The good thing was that she wasn't in a bad mood, she just wouldn't sleep!
In 9 months onesies as of this morning.  STOP GROWING SO FAST!!
And chatting with Daddy this morning.  I think my heart just exploded.
Happy weekend everybody!