Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Just Wednesday

It was just another normal day around here. Nothing big to talk about. But I want to start remembering the normal days too. That's what I'm going to miss in a few years when I want to rewind time.

So, tonight, I'm going to write about our boring day. :)
7:30 - Noah and I woke up (yes, we are spoiled that he's working from home right now and our baby is awesome so we can do this).  The air conditioner guy was coming at 8, so he dealt with that.  The coils had gone bad in our 5 year old air conditioner, and our builder never registered the we spent $1000 before 9:00 this morning.  Ouch.

8:30 - Emma Ramey woke up, and got her first bottle of the day.  After that, she sat in the Nap Nanny and watched swimming (her favorite so far) while I made breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen.

9:00 - We had a little bit of Exersaucer time...she loves it a little bit more every time we do it.  Her favorites are the shapes (mostly because she can chew on them) and the mirror.
(This look cracks me up every time!)
9:45 - Emma Ramey goes down for a nap.

10:15 - I head to the grocery store (something else I'm spoiled on - she's never been in a grocery store because I have Noah at home, so I can go during naps).  Noah gets some work done.

11:00 - I get home, unpack the groceries, and wake Emma Ramey up. She eats and plays with Noah while I make lunch.

12:30 - Emma Ramey goes back down for a nap.  Noah leaves to work in his new office and I get a shower (yes, I went to the grocery store without a shower.  Woof.).

1:30 - I answer emails and, admittedly, play on twitter a little.  Not all nap times have to be productive. :)
Hardy decides he wants to nap on my back.  Literally, laying on me.

2:00 - Emma Ramey's up and gets her bottle. 

2:30 - We had a little play time.  I'm trying to work on something developmental at least a couple of times a day.  Today was grabbing - I put a toy in front of her and let her grab at it.  She's getting really good at it!

We also had a little talking session.  She is so expressive when she starts talking!

And of course, the daily tummy time.

3:40 - Emma Ramey goes down for a nap.  This didn't go to well.  She's normally great about going down for naps, but I had to wash her crib sheet and it took longer than expected to dry.  She started showing me the sleepy signs about 15 minutes before it was done, so I knew I was in trouble.  If you don't lay her down the minute she gets sleepy, she's a mess.

And she was today.

She cried.  And cried.  And cried.  I went in a few times to calm her down, but after about 30 minutes of it I was a little frazzled.  Noah showed up about that point and calmed her down.  She finally went out about 4:15.

4:30 - I worked on blog posts and answered emails while Noah worked.
5:30 - Noah and I eat dinner...turkey BLT's with gumbo and spanish rice.  Definitely a pot luck kind of night. :)

6:00 - Emma Ramey's up.  We feed her and watch a little bit of the Olympics.

Emma Ramey decides she wants to watch too.  She's very locked into swimming...again.
She got a little fussy and decided she wanted to watch with daddy.
8:00 - Emma Ramey's getting sleepy, so Daddy goes on and gives her a bedtime bottle.  I answer emails and write the blog post you're currently reading. :)
So no, not an eventful day at all.  But I sure want to remember it one day!