Friday, August 10, 2012

Job Changes

This is a big couple of weeks for us - we are both officially changing jobs.

Noah's technically had the job he's in since Emma Ramey was 2 weeks old. He's an agent for MetLife auto and home. But they have a 4 month "pre-employment" program where you're setting up your agency and working from home…it's kind of a trial basis before you actually sign your contract.

Well, those 4 months are up. He is currently in the process of getting an office and "setting up shop."  He starts training next week, so he won't be with us nearly as much.

I'm mixed on how I feel about this. We LOVED having him home…really did. The fact that he was able to spend the first four months of Emma Ramey's life with her is so special and is an opportunity we will never get again. His work schedule was flexible, so we were able to do whatever, whenever…if we wanted to go out of town for the weekend, we could do it. If I needed to go to the grocery store in the middle of the day and leave Emma Ramey napping, I could do it.

But, there were negatives to it too (and I DON'T want this to come across as complaining, because it's not…there are just pros and cons to any situation). Having a home office in your kitchen gets…cluttered. There was office stuff everywhere in our house for months. I kind of like the separation between work and home. I know I'm saying that even though I work out of the home, but mine is pretty much all contained in my computer. I just think they are two separate parts of life, and should stay that way to an extent. And they haven't been around here lately.

And as much as I love having the time with Noah, I honestly don't believe spending 24/7 with anybody is good for you. You need that individual time. For awhile, Noah is the only adult I saw for a week at a time, and we were together constantly. I love him, but it's just not healthy to only have interaction with one person.

So he's still going to be doing some work from home, but he's mostly going to be in the office. We are going to miss having him around here, and I know he's going to miss us (especially seeing Emma Ramey constantly), but it's not all bad. Maybe I'm just trying to see the positive in the situation, but I like to view this as a fun new chapter!

I'm also having an "official" job change too. Today is the first day I'm officially a stay at home mom…this would be my first day of work if I were still teaching.
In some ways, I don't consider myself a stay at home mom...more like a work at home mom.  My blog design keeps me very busy.  I am currently doing about 3 blogs a week.  Between actually designing and answering emails, it is time consuming.  This is pretty much all I do when Emma Ramey is napping.  I am SO blessed that I have this opportunity though, and I don't ever want to take that for granted.  I love having a creative outlet, and the extra money helps so much as we're losing an income.

I don't take the job of raising my little girl lightly either - it is everything I've ever wanted, but it is still a job. I'm responsible for turning a little girl into a compassionate, caring, loving, happy human being. That's a big task. And I also consider myself responsible for keeping my home a happy, clean, and healthy place. All three of those are so important to me, and I just want to do the best job I can…I'm slowly getting the hang of it. In the past couple of weeks I've finally started to feel like I am figuring this out. I know I'll never have it all figured out, but I can at least try. :)

Right now, I am loving this chapter of our lives. We are both in jobs we love and care about. I really am so excited to wake up every day and figure this whole thing out!