Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Picture Dump

Here are a few pictures from our week!
Laughing in her jammies one morning.  She has gotten SO giggly lately!  I can make certain sounds or just sneak up on her and she'll just giggle and giggle.  I love it!
Doing tummy time one day.  It's growing on her.  She absolutely hated it at first, but as long as she's "entertained" (i.e. you're holding something in front of her), she likes it now.
And I had to include the picture of Hardy completely photobombing us right in the middle of the photo session.  And before you say he didn't know any better, he is fully, fully aware of what a camera me.  As little as he cared before she was born, I think he cares less now. :)

He does love her though.  This is pretty much constant - if I'm not right beside her, he is. (Please ignore my dirty floors...I mopped today, I promise I did.)
This is what she does every.single.time. The Hot Dog Dance on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on.  It's her favorite song!  I crack up every time.  I mean she can be in the middle of a fit, and that song comes on, and she stops and giggles.  I love it.
I believe this is MMC again (she really doesn't sit in front of the TV all day, she's just so cute when she's watching that show).  I think an elephant could have walked into the room at that point and she wouldn't have noticed.
Showing off her new sitting by herself trick!!
Another tummy time shot. (Notice we retired the activity gym - she was rolling over into the bars on the side and getting mad at them. Girl has an attitude. :))
This is at my parent's house tonight.  Emma Ramey thought she'd get in on the printed skinnies trend too. :)
We've started doing this in the Nap Nanny...I guess she's trying to sit up?  Silly child won't put her head back in it!
My pretty, pretty little girl.  I've just been in the most thankful mood for her this week!  This parenting business isn't easy, but it's worth every second....and I wouldn't take the world for it.