Thursday, August 30, 2012

Big Blog Sale (& Link-up!)

***Updated Tuesday, 9/4...take 25% off the listed price of any remaining items!  I divided up all of the sets....scroll down to the sets for more details (the individual piece prices are in bold).  I will be shipping Thursday, 9/6...25% off will only be valid through Wednesday night!***
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I cleaned out Emma Ramey's Newborn-6 month clothes last week. Noah and I talked about it - while we are planning on having another baby, there's no guarantee it's going to be a girl, there's no guarantee that baby will be in the same season at the same age, and we would need to store a ton of clothes for at least a couple of years.

So I'm selling most of it! I saved a few important pieces, but most of it is going. (And PS - nobody warns you how hard it is to do this. Why do babies have to grow so fast?)
If you're interested in any of this, leave your paypal email in a comment (if you're not comfortable with leaving it on the blog, you can email it to me at leslieflambert {at} gmail {dot} com).  I'll sell these on a first-come, first-served go on and call it if you want something!  You can also email me if you have any questions about sizing, length, etc...I tried to note if it was TTS in the notes below each item though.
Important Note: These prices do not include shipping.  I won't spend a lot to get it to you though!  I'm planning on sending these through either First Class, Parcel, or Priority USPS mail (whatever's the cheapest), unless you request something else.  I will ship these out early/mid next week, after I get all of my "orders" from this in!

Warning:  There is LOTS.  I tried my best to divide it into age groups.  Pieces will be sold in the sets that are shown in the pictures unless noted otherwise.  If the sets don't sell after a few days, I'll consider splitting them up!  And a few of these that are Circo note that there is a black mark through the brand name in the tag.  That's just because they were bought at a discount store, not at that retailer, so they had to do that.  It isn't visible from the outside unless I tell you in the description!

I was blessed with a baby with a big head, so we didn't get to wear most of this. :)  The only things that were worn were the headbands (only a few times each).  
Crochet beanies.  I'd say these would probably fit an average newborn-3 month old.  Never worn - only tried on one for a few minutes! $8 for all - SOLD!

Set of 6 headbands.  Probably fits average newborn-3 month old.  Bottom 5 are made of a polyester-type material, top one is cotton.  These have the loop to attach bows.  I love these, they're just too small for us! $6 for all SOLD!

Boutique cotton hat with large houndstooth flower. Never worn! $7 - SOLD!

Boutique cotton hat with large pink flower (flower is a minky material). Never worn! $7

Black hat (sorry, picture is bad, it is black) with small pink tulle flower.  Never worn! $6 - SOLD!
 Circo sleeper...washed but never worn.  Has a black mark through the brand name in the tag (not visible from the outside).  $3

Carter's and Just One You (Carter's Brand) onesies...washed but never worn.  These make me wish my girl hadn't come out at 10 1/2 cute! :) $5 for both SOLD!
Little Me...washed but never worn.  Cotton sleeper.  $4
Carter's Layette Set...washed but never worn.  $4
Sweet and Soft onesie and matching skirt...washed but never worn. $4

Children's Place cotton sweater...washed but never worn. $3

3 Months

2 Carter's Rompers...these were SO cute! Fits TTS, maybe even a little bit bigger. EUC $8 for both (or $4 each)
Rosalina Kite Bishop.  EUC $15 SOLD!
The Children's Place tights 0-6 months, white - new in package - $3
5 pairs of pants (different brands...Children's Place, Circo, Little Me).  Circo pairs have a line through the brand in the tag...not visible from outside.  All in EUC, all cotton except for cream pair (fleece) - $12 for all (or $3 each)
Assorted onesies (Carter's, Children's Place, etc.) - All EUC, a couple are washed but never worn.  11 onesies for $20 (or $2 each)
Assorted Sleepers - Carter's, Little Me, etc.  All EUC.  All cotton except for hot pink one in top, center (to the left) - it's terry cloth.  8 sleepers for $22 (or $3 each)
Little Me Sleeper - this is kind of a velour material with a satin bow.  SO pretty...this would be great to wear in the hospital! EUC - $5
Carter's Top and Short set - EUC - $4
Fisher Price Top and Short set - EUC - $4
Children's Place - EUC - $5
Children's Place - washed but never worn - $4
Ralph Lauren dress and bloomer (not pictured) set - EUC - $7 SOLD!
Ralph Lauren Romper - has embroidered flowers all over - EUC - $7
Little Bitty dress - washed but never worn (has matching set of bloomers not pictured) - $7
Set of 5 gowns (Carter's, Gerber, and Circo) - the Circo one has the black mark that is slightly visible from the outside - $12 for all 5 (or $3 each)
Hug Me First Cotton Smocked Dress - washed but never worn.  Possibly a little bigger than normal 3 month clothes, but generally TTS -  $10 SOLD!
 Ralph Lauren romper - EUC - $7

Petit Ami Cotton Smocked Bubble - this is so soft and sweet! EUC - $14

6 Months
Carter's top and short set - EUC - $4
Mini Bean long sleeved top and pants set (pants are a jean-like material, but softer) - NWT - $10
Cutie Pie Cotton set - NWT - $10 SOLD!
Youngland Cream and Leopard legging set - NWT - $12 SOLD!
All Target brands - 2 cotton dresses, 3 cotton shirts.  All have the black mark through the name, slightly visible from the outside (would be good for just play wear) - $8 for all (or $2 each)
 Carter's 6 month cotton romper - EUC - $4

Mud Pie 0-6 month crown gown (fits small like most Mud Pie, more like 3 month) - VGUC, just because we are second owners - still in really good shape!  I love this one! $12

3 Long Sleeve Onesies - washed but never worn - Pink is Circo and has the black mark that is slightly visible from outside.  $7 for all (or $3 each)

Lot of 24 onesies (can you tell she lived in onesies this summer?? :)) - different brands - most Carter's,  some Gerber, a few random brands.  Most EUC, a few VGUC - $35 for all (or $2 each)

Carter's hoodie and leggings set - EUC - $5 SOLD!
Carter's onesie/dress and light-weight cotton sweater - EEUC (only wore it once, didn't wear sweater at all!) - $6 SOLD!

Carriage Boutique NWT Red Gingham Bishop Dress - gorgeous, I don't know how we didn't wear this! $23 SOLD!
Calvin Klein top and leggings set - EUC - $6
 Set of 5 SwaddleMe blankets - all in good condition, some signs of use - $15 for all (or $4 each)

Set of 4 receiving blankets - washed, but never used - $8 for all (or $3 each)
Like I said, either comment on what you want and what your paypal is, or email me at leslieflambert {at} gmail {dot} com with what you want and your paypal.  Thanks for helping us clean out our house! :)
If you are hosting a blog sale right now, link up here! When you put in your link, please put what gender your clothes are for and what size (so, for example, I would put "Girl - NB-6m").  You are more than welcome to include adult clothes too (or really whatever you need to sell, for that matter)...just note that in your link!
And please, please link to your post and not just your main blog.  If your link isn't relevant to the sale, I'll have to delete it.  Thanks for your help in this!