Friday, August 24, 2012

Adventures in Feeding

Just a few "Mommy notes" about Emma Ramey's first week of solid food. :)

-Every day is getting a little bit better with the cereal! She hated it at first, but is slowly warming up to it. The trick is to just keep scooping it up off of her chin and putting it back in her mouth...gross, I know...but it works.

-After a week, she is eating about 2 tablespoons of cereal to maybe an ounce of breast milk.  Every other night we've fed her, she hasn't finished it.  But my mom kept her last night while we were out running errands, and we didn't get back until it was almost her bedtime.  When we fed her the cereal, she ate the whole bowl!  I was a proud Mama. :)
-She only eats cereal once per day - in between her 5pm and 7:30pm feedings.  After last night, I'm thinking about pushing it back to a little bit later though!
-Right now, she's only eating white rice cereal.  I wanted to start on brown rice, but our grocery store didn't have any...oh well.  I went somewhere else yesterday, and they had it, so I got that and a box of oatmeal cereal too.  We'll try the brown rice first, then the oatmeal if she does ok with those.
-I'm making veggie baby food for the first time this weekend!  Carrots are first on the agenda.  My pediatrician said that you can freeze baby food for up to 3 months (longer in a deep freeze), so I'm going to start buying veggies as they are on sale and making some.  We won't start it until after her 6 month doctor's appointment though.
-And, even though this is unrelated to feeding, she loves her daddy...see video below if you don't believe me.  He was standing behind me while I was feeding her last night and had her just in hysterics.  I had to get a video!