Monday, August 20, 2012

A Couple of Firsts and a Second

Emma Ramey has been acting just really hungry lately. We're up to 35 oz a day in bottles, and she was still wanting more after that, so we thought it might be time to break out the cereal this weekend!

Looking all excited before we started.  She just loves anything new!

Then there was a slow progression to "not having it."  She just wasn't a big fan - I was really surprised!  I think it was just different, and she's going to have to get used to it.  Most of it ended up on the bib and the chair.  It was fun though. :)
...maybe more fun for Mom and Dad, but still fun.
On Sunday, we tried a new Sunday school class!  We've been meaning to get into one for the longest, but it seems like as soon as we started getting out with her we were out of town just about every weekend.  A sweet girl from around here invited us to her class (we go to the same church, but it is big).  We really liked it! Emma Ramey stayed in the class with us since it was just a "meet and greet" kind of class, but she will probably go to the nursery next time.
That afternoon, we tried the cereal for a second time...
...and she still wasn't having it.  We'll keep on working on that one.
Today, we broke out the "real" high chair since we are going to be using it a good bit from now on.  It was just for play this afternoon, but she liked it!
Happy Monday!  I hope those of you (teachers and students) that had to go back to school today had a FANTASTIC day!!