Monday, August 27, 2012

5 Months

My sweet girl, I can't believe we're almost to a half a year! You have grown up so, so much in the past month. I might just be saying this because I'm in this moment, but it seems like you've grown up more in this past month than any other. It's so amazing to watch you grow and learn new things!
As of this morning, you were at an even 18 pounds...the 92nd percentile.  Maybe slowing down just a little?


You were exactly 27 inches this morning...that's the 95th percentile.  So you're getting taller but not gaining weight as fast!  We're going to have a basketball player on our hands. :)

Clothing Size:
Solidly in 9 months now.  Mama (very begrudgingly) cleaned out your newborn-6 month clothes last week.  They could have fit for a couple more weeks, but they were very, very was time to go.

Size 3's.  We're doing those for nighttime right now too, but I think we might have to go to size 4's soon during the night.


You are eating every 3 hours.  A few weeks ago, you were eating 7 ounces every 3 hours during the day (35 total).  We were having to give you 2 formula bottles a day since Mama wasn't producing quite that much, despite her best efforts. :)

But about a week ago, we started one cereal feeding a day (about an hour before your last feeding of the day).  You are warming up to it slowly. :)  Since we started cereal, we've been able to cut it back to 33 ounces ( 3 7-ounce bottles, 2 6-ounce) with no problem!

So far, you've just had white rice cereal.  We're about to start trying brown rice and oatmeal too.


Those eyes are so, so blue...they are beautiful.  And it's finally safe to say they are staying blue - the pediatrician even confirmed it when we were in a couple of weeks ago. 

And you are currently rocking the old man horseshoe with your hair. :)  It might be growing in a little bit more?  Not much though.  It's definitely more prevalent in the "horseshoe area." Not as much of a mullet this month though!

Still so've spoiled Daddy and me rotten! (We keep getting comments that the next child is going to be the devil, by the way - which must mean you're doing something right. :))  You sleep from about 7pm - 8am, give or take 30 minutes, every night.  Naps haven't been as consistent, but you still nap 1-1.5hrs 3 times a day.

You have been sleepier than normal during the day.  I don't know if it's habit or not now, but you give us your "sleepy sign" (two left fingers in your mouth, right forearm over your eyes) after about an hour of staying up.  We try to keep you up for a few minutes after that, but not much longer so you don't get over-tired.

Fun Stuff:
-You are a certified sitter now!  Even if we lay you back on a pillow (at an angle), you find a way to sit all the way up now.
-Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is your favorite, favorite thing.  We know if you are fussy, we can put that on to calm you down.  You can be in the middle of whining and throwing a fit, and if the Hot Dog Dance comes on, you immediately stop and start grinning.  It's so funny!
-You like tummy time more and more.  Lately, that's been probably your favorite activity....especially if we put you in front of a toy.  Those arms and legs are scooting, but not "official" crawling yet.  And if we lay you on your back, you will usually always find a way to your back!
-You love standing in our laps.  You are SO much like your Daddy in that...he prefers standing over sitting too.  And you've started leaning into our shoulder when you're tired.
-Hardy is your favorite!  You stare at him constantly.  You love to "pet" him and sit next to him. (The picture below is one of you looking at him!)
-You can make some of the funniest faces.  And you love looking at our funny faces.  

-You turn into a comedian at bed time.  You pretty much always get fussy right before bed time, but once you have your bottle, you start making faces, smiling at us, and making us laugh.  Both Daddy and I have to fight back laughter so we don't get you riled up before bed.

-You've started shaking your head.  It doesn't really have any meaning, it's just funny.  Sometimes we'll ask you a question and you'll (coincidentally) start shaking your head at funny!

-You've found your feet!  You can get them in your mouth now.  You love to wobble back and forth while you're holding your feet.

-You've also learned how to hit (as a matter of fact, you're sitting in my lap while I'm typing this and hitting my arms).  We'll have to start working on that at some point, but not yet. :)

 I hope one day you can understand how happy you make us.  You are the light of our lives, and the last 5 months have been the best!