Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What You're Up To

I'll be honest, I am TERRIBLE at keeping up with the baby calendar and baby book.  I just can't do it.  I haven't opened the baby book since Emma Ramey was probably 6 weeks old.

But, I can document everything through blogging for some reason!  Just putting what Emma Ramey's up to on here once a month isn't cutting it, so I'm going to try to do these posts more often.

Emma Ramey...right now, you are...

-starting to teethe.  You're a lot more fussy and those hands are constantly in your mouth...and your drool is out of CONTROL.  We broke out Sophie a couple of weeks ago (and that nose is constantly in your mouth), and gave you the frozen teether for the first time today.  You loved it!

-standing!  No really, standing.  We have to balance you, but you can stand completely on your own strength.  It's pretty amazing!

-rolling over really well.  You can roll from tummy to back pretty much every time we put you on your tummy.  You also started rolling back to tummy last week!  You did it one time when you were at Mimi and Poppa's (of course I wasn't there), and when Daddy went in to get you the next morning, you had rolled over to your tummy.  Scaring me to death. :)  You're not rolling from back to tummy a ton, but you can do it.

-sitting with almost no support now.  I keep my hand on your back, but I think that's more for my reassurance than your's.

-laughing and smiling at everything. :) You instantly light up when your Daddy comes in the room.  You also love being kissed on your feet and getting raspberries blown on your tummy.

-loving Hardy.  You just stare and stare at him.  He doesn't like acting like he notices you, but we catch him laying next to you constantly.  And it's almost like he thinks he's going to break you - he's very careful around you and won't move if we do something like this...

-kind of developing your own comfortable sleep position (don't we all have one??).  You roll over on your side just a little, put your left fingers in your mouth, and put your right forearm over your eyes.  When you do that, we know you're sleepy. You did it last night when you fell asleep playing...

-starting to not like naps (NOO!! :)).  You fuss when I put you down to put on your sleep sack now.  It only lasts a couple of minutes usually.

-losing a little bit of hair on the back of your head.  Everybody says it'll come back, but the little bald spot makes me sad.  And still rocking the baby mullet...your hair on the back of your head is like 10 times longer than on top.  I think you could have a little pony tail if I tried!

-weighing 16.8 (!!!) pounds today!  Holy cow.

I love this little girl and I LOVE watching her change...but slow down with this growing up business little missy!