Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Random Wednesday Thought Dump

-Emma Ramey wasn't feeling too well yesterday. I don't know if it's teething (we're still waiting on that for sure), or if she just had an upset tummy. It was a no nap afternoon. But she was mighty sweet while she wasn't napping. :)

-I am currently obsessed with this's just so summery! I don't find an album I can listen to beginning to end very often, but this one I definitely can. (And yes, I got the new one this's good, but this is still better!)

(And I don't know why my skin looks like straight leather in this picture...I blame it on Instagram.  It doesn't look like that in real life, I promise.)

-My hair is falling out in a MAJOR way. It's about time for the post-partum hair issues, I was just hoping it wouldn't hit me. I guess Emma Ramey and I can match hairstyles. :)

-My girl will be FOUR months old on earth?  I can't believe how fast she's growing up.  It's fun and a little sad all at the same time!

-I made the BEST recipe yesterday.  Our friends that were moving this weekend got a big order of Taziki's pasta salad for everyone and I was obsessed.  I looked, and there is a recipe online for it!  It was really, really easy to make and SO good (and makes a ton of food!).  Here's where I found it. It would be really good with hummus and pita chips!

-I have a jewelry buying problem, y'all.  I can't quit.  I'm so into the colorful big necklaces that are popular right now.  Either I'm going to have to stop buying, or get a new storage case...

It's out of control.  And I have a feeling I'm going to look at pictures of myself in 20 years and say "What was I thinking??" But I like them. :)

-I am SO SO excited about the Olympics! I am a huge gymnastics fan...that's definitely my favorite.  We went to Atlanta (for track and field) in 1996 and it was so cool.  We're going to a friend's house to watch the opening ceremonies Friday...I can't wait! (And high five for being able to wear Emma Ramey's fourth of July clothes twice! :))