Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympic Kind of Weekend

We're Olympic junkies around here. Not gonna lie. It's on TV as I'm typing this, it's been on TV pretty much nonstop since Friday, and it'll be on TV for the next couple of weeks!
Friday night, we headed to a friend's house for an opening ceremonies party.

I mentioned in the last post that I brought the mini corn dogs.

Here's the recipe!
She was so cute playing with the other kids there.  She's really starting to notice other people.  The bigger kids were playing with her and she would just laugh and laugh!
Ok, and I have to share this story.  So we got there and Emma Ramey was sitting in my lap.  We had not been there FIVE MINUTES when I picked her up.
And there it was.  The poop.
It was EVERYWHERE.  All over her pants, all over my pants (of course the night I wore white skinnies).  So I screamed for Noah, and he got her cleaned up while I scrubbed poop out of my brand new pants.

This is what I walked around with all night.  It was terrible.  My skinnies will never be the same. And that's why she's not wearing pants in the first picture. :)

Ok, moving on from the baby poop story...

This was a shot of Emma Ramey yesterday, watching swimming maybe? She loves all of the colors, so swimming and gymnastics are her favorite so far.  Smart girl. :)