Saturday, July 28, 2012

My New Fun Gadget!

A couple of weeks ago, Summer Jo contacted me about doing a Pampered Chef review and party.

I must admit, I had heard of Pampered Chef before, but never really knew anyone that sold it, so I didn't have anything Pampered Chef in my house.  I've been looking at her site, and now I want everyting! :)  They have got the neatest little tools that I've never seen anywhere else, and they're all a really good price for the quality you get.

Summer Jo sent me one of Pampered Chef's Cool & Serve Square Trays to try out...and I love it!

This is a four part acrylic food storage set (top, bottom, and two trays), with two freezer packs that you can insert below the interior trays.

Inside, there are several sections, so you can put different things in their own little place.

This actually worked out perfectly...I had an Olympic party that we went to last night, and needed to bring a fun "American" appetizer to it.  I made mini corn dogs...because what's more American than that? :)

This tray had a space for the corn dogs (enough to feed a lot of people) and had two smaller spaces for dips.  It was exactly what I needed!  The lid snaps into place (so it traveled well) and fits right underneath the tray, so you won't lose it when all of those party dishes get mixed up.  I actually got several "where'd you get that?" comments on the tray!

Of course, I didn't use the cooler inserts for this particular dish, but they would be great if you had a dip or a cool dessert...and they have one side that carries deviled eggs even.  HELLO football season! :)  I can't wait to use this for tailgating!

Summer Jo also asked me to offer a Pampered Chef party to all of my readers...of course I accepted after looking through all of this fun stuff!  You can see it here (just type my name, Leslie Lambert, in as your host after you click "Shop Online"). And she was nice enough to offer 10% off the Cool & Serve Square Tray (like the one I'm using) to all of you that shop through my party!

Another fun bonus...if you spend $60 through this party, you'll get a free set of small flexible cutting mats.  I know I could use these!

You can see Summer Jo's facebook page here.  She also does a weekly recipe club so you can get some use out of all of these fun can email her to sign up!

Now go check out these fun products!

Note: Summer Jo Brooks provided me with the tray to do this review.  All opinions are my own.  The links in this post are subject to my link disclaimers.