Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Randoms

I think it's safe to say that this little girl has discovered her voice.

She has screamed ALL weekend - it's actually pretty funny!  We can tell she's not fussing, just very excited that she has the ability to use her voice.  It's so cute - I need to get a video of it.

We're also pretty sure she is teething.  No sign of teeth yet, but her hands have been in her mouth all weekend (see above picture), she's drooling all over the place, and she's just been "off."  So we introduced a friend.

She loves her some Sophie!  If we put it near her, she will grab at it, and keeps it right under her arm when she's not chewing under it, almost like she's hugging her.

Seriously was like that most of the weekend!

Little missy went to the grandparents so we could have a date night Saturday.  This is one of the pictures my mom got of her (y'all think I'm the paparazzi - I have nothing on my mom).  We got to go to dinner and a movie - so nice!

This was just a random picture of tummy time from the weekend...please check out that wrinkle at her eyebrows. :)  How cute!

And we finally broke out the Baby Bjorn...I'm not sure why we've waited so long to do it.  She's getting pretty heavy now, and it's just hard for me to carry her around for more than a few minutes.  This makes it easier!

Happy Monday!  It's stormy here, which is a good thing - we need it!