Friday, July 13, 2012

Bow Love

I've had a few questions about where we get Emma Ramey's bows.

At first, she was exclusively using ones that I had made...I had a bunch of ribbon before she was born, and got bored one day and tried to make some. They were ok, but I wasn't super happy about the quality.

Then one day, another blogger introduced me to Polkadot Posies bows. These are the perfect mix of great quality and great prices! Seriously - I don't think she has anything on there for more than $4 (like really, the big big bows are only $4!), and they are well-made, precious, perfectly sized bows for any age little girl!

So speaking of sizes - one of my big questions when I placed my first order with her was what size to buy.   Emma Ramey is definitely above-average in size for her age (probably about the size of an average 6 month old right now if I had to guess), but is still just a I don't want the bow too big, but this is a Momma that loves a big bow on her girl too. :)

So we did a little experiment.

Meet my test subject.

(A cute test subject, might I add.)

We tried the big guns first.

6.5" ABC in Black

6.5" ABC in Turquoise

These are definitely good and big. :)  I think these would be a perfect size for a toddler or a little girl, but were a little bit too big for her right now.  But if you like them big, go with these!

Giant Bow in White

Same with this one...beautiful, good and big, but more suited for a toddler or a little girl.  I liked that this one laid a little more flat.  It would be beautiful with a pretty heirloom smocked dress!

5.5" Spikey Bow in Red

5.5" Spikey Bow in Navy

I LOVED these!  They were nice and big, but not over the top.  They sat well against her head (something I'm weird about - I don't like the part where you attach it to the headband showing!), and they didn't wobble around a whole lot.

4.5" ABC in Hot Pink

4.5" ABC in Light Orchid

These were great too...perfect size for a baby her age.  They were nice and fluffy!

4.5" Solid in Yellow

I liked that this one has the "spikey" ribbons it a little bit of "oomph."

3" Pinwheel in Apple Green

3" Pinwheel in Purple

These were cute, but a little smaller than I like.  If she had hair on top to clip it into, they would be perfect for a baby her age!

Large pink crocheted flower

Designer Headband - White, Pink, and Red

I like these too just to kind of change it up - they are adorable, and perfectly sized!

Now the only problem is finding another bow holder to handle all of these...she's getting a little bit of a collection going. :)

Note: This post falls under my link/review disclaimers.  All of the opinions in this post are my own.