Monday, July 16, 2012

The Big 2-7

It's been a fun weekend!

Yesterday was my 27th birthday.  Not really a major age, but birthday's are always fun. :)  I remember my birthday last year...I had just found out I was pregnant (but y'all didn't know it yet), and I can't ever remember being more excited to start a new year of my life.  It was everything I thought it was going to be and more!!

(Sorry, most of these are iPhone pictures...I just wasn't in the mood to carry big momma around all weekend.)

On Saturday night, Noah and I went out for a date night/early birthday dinner.  Little miss went and stayed with the grandparents!

We went to Nick's in the of my favorite Tuscaloosa restaurants ever!  If you've never been, it's named literally drive out to the middle of nowhere.  The dining area is probably smaller than my living room, so you usually have to wait outside (I'm making it sound so glamorous, aren't I?).  But the steaks are incredible, and it's a lot of's just one of those fun Tuscaloosa experiences!

I love our date nights!  It's so nice having parents in town that are begging to keep her!

Yesterday was kind of low key.  We had a baby shower for a sweet friend to go to yesterday afternoon, but besides that we really just laid around.  This was after we got home yesterday!

We grilled steaks for dinner last night (yes, we are using this dinky grill because our big one just quit working).  Noah's a pretty good griller - I had a great birthday dinner.

Thanks to everyone that sent texts, tweets, facebook messages, etc. yesterday - you made my day!  I'm excited to start a new year - but I must say, this year's got a lot to live up to after last year. :)