Monday, July 9, 2012

Beach Baby

Noah and I have always been big beach people. We have the "If I win the lottery" conversation often, and it always includes moving to the beach for at least part of the year. So Emma Ramey was just pre-destined to be a beach baby.

We took her on her first trip this weekend!  Noah's family had a condo in Gulf Shores for a few days.  Since Noah's about to have to start working outside of home and won't have as flexible of a schedule, we are living it up while we can.

The place where we stayed was a golf was actually more towards Ft. Morgan.  The golf course was in the middle, and you could look to the left and see the gulf, and the right and see Mobile Bay.  It was beautiful!

 I went fishing with Noah and his dad/brother Friday while my mother in law kept Emma Ramey.  I actually caught a cobia, which is apparently a big deal (I didn't know!).  I always have fun fishing with them!

After we got back, we had a late mini birthday party for Noah.

Even at 28, he still gets a birthday cake from his parents!

Saturday we had a beach/pool day.  I was SO excited to take this girl to the beach for the first time!

We weren't able to keep her in the sun for too long, but we did stick her feet in the water for the first time.

She was a fan until the water hit her...then not so much.  Beach time was done at that point. :)

We headed to the pool.  She was a little unsure at first, but once she got used to it, she loved kicking in the water!

That night, we took the boat out for her first boat ride.  The motor put her right to sleep!

Not a huge fan of the life jacket. :)

Hanging out with my sweet girl after we got back! (Excuse the hair - I sat on the front of the boat!)

Now I'm off to try to catch up on vacation laundry! :)