Thursday, July 26, 2012

4 Months

We are a third of the way to a year...holy cow!  I can't believe how fast she's growing and learning.  I love watching every second of it!

You were 17.2 pounds earlier this week...that puts you in about the 95th percentile still.

I think you're still the same height that you were when I measured you last month...25.5".  That puts you in about the 81st percentile.

Clothing Size:
  Just about all the way in 9 month clothes.  Six month onesies are still fitting, but most bubbles and nicer outfits we're having to go to 9 months.

  You're in size 3's as of last week!  We probably could have stayed with size 2's, but they were getting snug and we didn't have any more open.

You're eating pumped milk only now...I think it's been about a month since I nursed you.  Occasionally you'll want to eat more than I can make in a day and we have to do a little bit of formula at night, but that's usually only a few ounces every couple of days.  Still at 5 feedings a day (were going to try to get to 4 soon), and eating about 32 ounces a day.  No solid food yet!


You've lost a little bit of hair on the back of your head from laying on your back.  No extra hair this month though...still rocking the baby mullet like it's going out of style. :) And I think those eyes are going to hold on...very blue!

Still wonderful, but you've figured out how to roll over now.  I actually think you prefer to sleep on your stomach, but you get mad that you can't get back over to your back and fuss.  So, we've had to start rocking you a little bit more before you go to sleep.  Still sleeping about 8pm to 8:30am though, with 2-3 naps during the day!

Fun Stuff:

-You love talking!  You say a lot of B sounds and almost sounds like you're saying "hey" to us sometimes.

-You've learned how to blow bubbles too.

-Your absolute favorite song is The Hot Dog Dance on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  We're pretty sure you were dancing a little to it last night. :) 

- You are starting to really notice toys.  When we put something in front of you, you grab at it (and usually can actually grab it!).  Your favorite toy is still Sophie, and you're starting to like your Exersaucer now.  You're sitting up much better in it too!

-You can completely stand on your own strength...we just have to balance you.

-You get so tickled at some kissing, blowing raspberries, etc.  It's adorable!

-Still drooling all over the place.  You can soak an outfit in about 10 minutes.  Your gums felt a little swollen this weekend, but no teeth yet.

(If you don't believe me, this is what happened to your sticker today after wearing it for about 30 minutes.)

-You stayed with Mimi and Poppa overnight for the first time this weekend!

-I actually think you prefer to lay on your tummy.  If you are on your mat, you're going to be on your tummy in about a minute.

-You still LOVE to suck on the two fingers on your left hand.  We know you're either hungry or sleepy when you do that.

Happy 1/3 birthday little girl!