Thursday, June 7, 2012

Show Us Your Life - Kitchens

Welcome to our kitchen!

Much like our living room, our kitchen has been a little bit taken over in the past few months.  Not only is it now baby central thanks to my precious 2 month old, but my husband started working from home about the time she was born.

So it looks like a Met Life agency exploded on my kitchen table.

More on that in a second.

Starting by the fridge.  Probably the two most used things in the kitchen - our toaster oven and our Keurig.

My sweet girl's hospital picture. :)

I have elephant Arthur Court all over my house, and the kitchen is no different!  I got most of these pieces for our wedding.

In keeping with the elephant theme...

More of the slightly baby-taken-over kitchen counter.  With my newest toy - my Kitchenaid was my Christmas present last year!

The ever-present bottle drying rack.  Who am I kidding - this is the most used thing in the kitchen now.

Every house has a junk collection site - this is our's.  We call it the "blue bin" - and whenever one of us is looking for something, probably 75% of the time it is suggested that we look in the blue bin.  I'm going to clean it out one day...

Hardy's treat jar!

We have some fleur de lis all throughout the house.  These are above the sink and by the window!

More of my Arthur Court and Magnolia Lane pieces.

We used to have a really pretty and completely non-functional table in our kitchen.  We ate at it about 4 times.  Then, about 2 months ago, Noah got the opportunity to start a new job and work from home for the first few months.  Of course we took it, and got this much more functional table for him to work on.

The great part is that Noah gets to be home with us during the day.  The not-so-great part is that an insurance agency has taken over my kitchen. :)  We will get a kitchen table back one day though, and we'll never get this to do definitely worth it!

Head over the Kelly's blog to see more kitchens tomorrow!

(And here's what my kitchen looked like pre-baby and insurance agency, just in case you were wondering. :))