Thursday, June 14, 2012

Show Us Your Life - Bedrooms

We have three total bedrooms in our house.  One used to be an office, but a certain little girl took it over a few months ago.  I'm sure you can't imagine who that would be...


You can see her nursery before she was born here - I'll put up an updated look at it in a few weeks!

Here is our master bedroom a few years ago.  It is probably the room that has changed the most, just because of the furniture.

Looking into the room from the hallway.

This is probably my favorite part of our room.  It's hanging right by the doorway.  This is my bouquet from our wedding, and one of our wedding invitations (who can find who Emma Ramey's named after in there??).

This fan has always looked really "beachy" to me...I like it!

My of our favorite pictures from our wedding, and my favorite candles on EARTH - Circle E Country Morning!

A close up of our bedding...with a dog and a baby, it's getting about time to replace it again.

Noah's nightstand.  The picture is new!

We won this at a charity auction one time...we had to bid on it because it reminded us both of this room!

This sits right below that painting...more of the Arthur Court I have running throughout the house.

Looking back towards the door from the back window.

And looking back from the doorway.

This area used to look all nice and organized...then Noah started working from home.  Now it's home to a fax machine, a router, a modem, on, and on, and on. :)

Hardy's bed sits right next to the door - it's really just an old comforter and a pillow.  Don't tell him. :)

His toys sit on the other side of the dresser.

Looking out into the hallway.


We also have another bedroom that we just call the "spare bedroom."  It gets used about twice a year. Since we changed the office (i.e. the junk room) over to a nursery, this has also become kind of a storage area.  But we love it anyway! :)

Looking in from the doorway.

From the back corner, by the closet.

We bought these elephants on our honeymoon!

A few of Noah's Daniel Moore's.

The top of the chest of drawers (see what I mean about becoming a storage area??)

Looking back from the window.

A few family pictures by the TV.

Thanks for stopping by! :)  Check out Kelly's blog on Friday for more bedrooms.