Thursday, June 28, 2012

Show Us Your Life - Bathrooms (Keepin' it Real Version)

If you read Kelly's blog (that does the Show Us Your Life link-ups every week), you might have seen her post yesterday talking about keeping it real on blogs, rather than showing this picture-perfect life.

That got me thinking about this post - why make it picture perfect?  That doesn't show my real life, and that's what I want to remember from this blog.  So this is really what my house looks like.  (Sort of - I might have tidied up just a tiny bit.  My obsessive compulsiveness won't allow me to show it completely messy - sorry - I'll get there one day.  Plus my bathrooms were overdue for a little "tidying up" anyway. :))

(Click here to see the oh-so-perfect version from a few years ago!)

Here's the master bathroom!  This is still my favorite room in the whole house.

Looking in from the bedroom.

I don't understand how some people have nothing on their bathroom counter...I keep everything there.  Makeup bag, straightener, hair dryer, lotion, etc.  And trust me, there's a good amount of things to keep me beautiful underneath the counter too. :)

Our great big tub!

We get Emma Ramey ready for her bath on this spot every time we bathe her, so it's just easier to make it into a little make-shift changing station.

She's the only one that uses our tub anymore either!  I don't think I've used it since I was pregnant.

I got these plants when we moved into this house...the sides of the tub just needed something!

Noah has always said he wanted this picture in his bathroom...I really don't know why, but I obliged him. :)

Looking out from the closet into the bathroom...we won't even go into the needs cleaning in a BAD way.  That's another post for another day.

I've always loved that we have a chandelier in our bathroom!

Looking back into the closet.

This is where our towels have always gone...and one more got added a few months ago. :)

The water closet...our wedding pictures in the frames.

Looking back into the bedroom from the bathroom.


We also have what we call the "spare bathroom."

Looking in from the hall.  This is between Emma Ramey's nursery and the spare bedroom.

I love this flower arrangement!  I think it makes the room.

The sink.  I love it, but that black granite is hard to keep clean!  Even when I clean it it just looks "dusty."

I don't know if I've ever told the story behind that map, so forgive me if I'm repeating ... we bought our house at foreclosure, so there was a lot of the old owners' stuff left when we got it.  This was one of the few things we kept - I just thought it went well in here!

We got these monogrammed towels for our wedding!

So yes, I might have to ease into this "keepin' it real" thing - but I'm going to try.  It doesn't really capture my memories and it doesn't really show my true life to sugar coat everything.  I encourage you to do the same thing!