Saturday, June 23, 2012


As of Tuesday, I have a rolling baby!

She did this about 15 times Tuesday.  We could put her on her tummy, and she'd be over in about 30 seconds!

As long as she has her arms up by her head, she's really good at rolling from tummy to back now.  She gets so frustrated if her arms are down by her side or stuck straight out...she just can't figure out how to roll past it. :)

We're not quite to rolling from back to tummy yet...even though she's still trying.  I think we'll be there soon!

***And a housekeeping note - the blog has been running super slow, and I think it was because I was uploading my pictures too big.  I went in and sized a lot of them down.  It's better on my end, but y'all let me know if it's still slow!***