Monday, June 25, 2012

On The Road Again

We spent another weekend in Hattiesburg with Noah's family.  Like I said, it's pretty rare that they can all be in town, so we take advantage of it when we can!

All of the boys (Noah, his dad, and his brothers) were going on a fishing was supposed to be Friday to today, but the tropical storm cut it a little short.  But it was still just the girls for most of the weekend.

With my sister in law and niece when we got there Thursday.

This is what happens when you have a crazy uncle that has access to stickers. :)  Poor girl was a good sport...

Again with the stickers.  She was so cute giving Emma Ramey love - she would give her a kiss and lean in for a hug!

These were taken Friday morning.  And yes, they're sitting around in their pajamas and a swimsuit.  We were supposed to go swimming that day and I was trying Emma Ramey's swimsuit on, and we got a few pictures while I did.  I know it looks funny! ;)


(How adorable are those eyes???)

Emma Ramey had her third (I think) restaurant experience Saturday night!  We went to a place in downtown Hattiesburg.  They had blues music playing...she just laid there and smiled the whole time, I think she liked it!  All of the waitresses kept on telling us how cute she was and how good she was...makes a momma feel good. :)

We knew that we wouldn't be together again for awhile, so we got some family pictures this morning.

Precious babies!!

Noah's brother and his family...Avery's in the "So Big!" stage right now. :)

I love these two so much!!

SUCH good grandparents!

Last but not least, Uncle Alex and his girls.  He's the baby of the family, so these are his only experience with kids for a little bit.  He's so funny to watch with them!

Busy busy, but fun weekend!