Friday, June 29, 2012

Nursery - The Real Version

***Sorry for two house posts in 2 days...I had a blogger fail last night and realized that this week on Kelly's blog hop was nurseries.  So I guess I'm good and prepared for next week. :)***

If you've never seen Emma Ramey's nursery before, go here.  It really was beautiful before, but this is the more functional, a 3 month old lives and sleeps here version.

We took out her pretty bumper and put in a breathable bumper when we put her in her crib.  It may not be as nice, but it makes me feel so much better!

And because there's just not storage space, the high chair is sitting in the right corner waiting to be used, and the diapers sit out in the left corner for convenience.

We learned pretty quickly that Emma Ramey doesn't sleep with a lot of light, so we put up blackout curtains...I still need to install them behind her pretty ones so you can at least see them.

Two ever-present items on the ottoman...a burp cloth and her sleep sack.  We joke about finding burp cloths in random places in the house now. :)

The table still looks almost the same, just with remotes and a paci added.

Looking back towards the door...more junky hutch, but more functional too.  We also added a dirty clothes hamper VERY quickly - I'm not sure how we missed that one!

I love of my friends gave me this at a shower to put all of her cards on.  It's a great way to organize cards for anything, instead of just throwing them away or putting them in a box to never be seen again.

So just like yesterday, no, this is not the picture-perfect version of my house, but it's how it looks...and I want to remember the messy version too. :)