Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day and The Bug

Noah had a great first Father's Day!

We woke up Sunday morning and Noah opened his presents.  This was Emma Ramey's present to him. :)  I found this on Pinterest...where else??

(By the way, if you've never traced a 3 month old's hands, DON'T.  Not the easiest thing I've ever done.)

He also got the 30 for 30 Boxed Set, it just hasn't come in yet.  His parents got him two really cute children's books about being a dad!

We had lunch at my parent's house Sunday.  Here's Emma Ramey with her Poppa!

She played and played on a blanket in their living room.

Emma Ramey was a little fussy Sunday night because she hadn't napped a lot that day, but I had to get a couple of pictures of these two before she went down for a nap.  How cute are they??

I love these two more than I ever thought I could!  I'm just a little blessed. :)


Yesterday morning, I started feeling kind of yucky around mid-morning.  By lunch, I was full on sick.  I was nauseous and my back hurt a lot.  Noah and my mom stepped up...Noah took care of Emma Ramey until my mom got off work, and she came over so Noah could get some work done after that.  I am so thankful for the two of them...I just wasn't able to take care of her, and I didn't want to get her sick either!

I'm fine this morning, but apparently it's a bug - Noah was up sick all last night. :(  We're trying our best to keep him away from Emma Ramey so she doesn't get it today.

Say a prayer that we can get this bug out of our house!