Tuesday, June 26, 2012

3 Months

Emma Ramey is THREE months old today!  I seriously feel like I was just writing her 2 month post.  How did a month go by already?

Here's what you're up to, Emma Ramey!

This morning, you were 15.6 pounds...still in the 97th percentile!

You've gotten much taller since last month.  You were 25 1/2" (as best we can tell) as of this morning.  That's around the 90th percentile.

Clothing Size:
  Mostly still in 6 month clothes.  I'll occasionally find a 3 month we can squeeze you into, and you're starting to wear more 9 months now.  They're still a little big, but they work!

  Size 2 still for now.  We've started size 3's at night and they work great...we just have to velcro them in all the way.

Still eating 5 times a day.  Up to about 6 1/2 oz. a feeding, and you're rarely fussy for more.  Every now and then you wake up early and I nurse you, but you're eating pumped milk from a bottle every other time!


No change in the hair department...you still have the "baby mullet" (lots of hair in the back, none up top).  You've actually started getting cradle cap this month, but we can control it as long as we brush your hair when we bathe you.  And those eyes are still a really pretty smokey blue color!

You're sleeping from about 8 at night to 7-7:30 in the morning now.  We can usually get in 3 naps during the day, at about 1 1/2 hours each.  Still just an amazing sleeper. :)

Fun Stuff:
You're rolling over!  You can roll from tummy to back almost every time I put you on your tummy.  Not rolling back to tummy just yet, but it's coming - you try really hard when you're tired or restless.  You're also pushing up on your arms more and holding your head up higher during tummy time...crawling's a comin'!

You are in love with your daddy.  Every time he comes around you, you just grin and laugh.  I keep having to remind you where your food's coming from right now. :)  (This is a picture of you looking at him this morning.)

You have to have your fist in your mouth pretty much constantly.  I'd rather you take a paci if you must chew on something, but you keep it in for a minute or so, spit it out, and put your fist in there.  We'll keep working on that one. :)

I think you're going to be left-handed (I am)...when you're hungry, those two fingers from your left hand go in your mouth every time.  You'll occasionally chew on your right fist, but not as often.  Daddy thinks I'm crazy for calling it this early.

You are a drool monster lately!  I constantly have to wipe your mouth.  I think you might be an early teether!

You are just the most content baby.  I seriously think I could put you on your mat and you would play all day without fussing...problem is, I like cuddling with you too much. :)

You'll probably kill me for writing this one day, but you're pooping less. :)  You've gone from several times a day down to just one, which is supposed to be normal about this age.  But when you go, you make up for lost time...haha!

Your laugh is just about the most wonderful sound ever....I think I could listen to it all day.   You're getting tickled over everything now - it's so cute!

I love you so much little girl!  Thanks for the best three months of my life.