Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Money Making Apps/Websites for May!

We've found a few new Smartphone apps to make money over the past month...I thought I'd share them!

(You may want to pull this post up on your Smartphone...some of these links all take you to the app store directly to download if you're interested!)

-App Trailers is our newest one.  All you really do is watch videos that introduce you to new apps, and get paid for it!  You also have the chance to download those apps on here.  Click here to download, and put in the bonus code leslieflambert on the main page for a 50 point bonus!

-This isn't really an app, but Superpoints is another easy way to make a little spare change.  You can do a few things through this site - click on daily emails, click their "Super Button" to randomly win points, and refer friends.  Click here to sign up!

-Junocredits has changed a little's now Bamboo Wallet!  It's still the same concept, just a new app and a new format... you just download apps with this one, and after you try them, you don't have to keep them.  It pays anywhere from a few cents to 30-40 cents per app!  Click here to download, and when prompted, put in LL731974 for a 25 cents bonus!

And some old faithfuls...

-I've been doing a little bit more online shopping lately since I'm home so much, so I've been using ebates a little bit more.  I noticed a few days ago that I've made almost $300 just from using ebates!  You just click through this site to whatever store you're using, and you get cash back for it.  Click here to sign up!

-Viggle is another one that I've talked about before that's still holding strong!  This is the coolest concept of any of our apps - you let the app "listen" to your TV (kind of like the Shazam app) and you get paid a point a minute for watching TV!  You can also watch videos for points.  You can trade in your points for lots of different gift cards (my favorites are Chili's, Gap/Old Navy, and CVS...but they change occasionally, so get them while they're there!).  We've made a couple hundred dollars in gift cards off of this app in only a couple of months.  Click here to sign up (you can do this on a computer, you're just signing up for an account. or you can go on and do it on your phone and download it there!).

-I noticed a few days ago that Checkpoints is doing videos again!  I've talked about this one before - you just scan things at grocery stores for points, check in to places for points, or even scan things that you have around your house for points.  Now they've added videos to watch for points.  Click here to download and use the code 'lflambert' to get 300 points (enough for a $1 gift card!).

-I'm still using WeReward when we're out and get paid 5 cents per check in (you just need to be near a business to check into it) and 25 cents if you're at a restaurant and you take a picture of their product when you buy it.  So easy!  Click here to download.

-Swagbucks is an oldie but goodie.  If you haven't done it yet, you're totally missing out.  Just use their site as a search engine, do random tasks every day, and watch videos for Swagbucks, that you can trade in for gift cards or items!  Click here to sign up.

Now, your turn...if you have a great app or website that I didn't mention, feel free to put it in below.  You're welcome to use your referral code!