Friday, May 4, 2012

My 101 in 1001, 1001 Days Later

When I started this blog, the "My 101 in 1001" lists were all the rage.  I started one then, having no clue what would happen to me/us in the next 1001 days!  We've been through a lot of ups and downs in that time.

The crazy thing about this list...the 1001 days were up on March 15, 2012.  For those of you paying attention...that was my due date!  Crazy how things turn out sometimes.  So I obviously haven't really had a chance to do an update post since it ended until now.  Here's what I finished!

For Me

1. Take a long bubble bath at least once a week.
2. Buy at least one new outfit every couple of months.
 3. Keep hands and feet maintained with a manicure/pedicure. (I wasn't so good about getting manicures, but I kept a pedicure as much as possible!)
4. Organize the files on my computer. Keep organized.
5. Get two new camera lenses and learn how to use them.
6. Keep my wedding/engagement rings clean. (Most of the time, anyway.)
7. Subscribe to a magazine.
8. Try 6 new restaurants.
9. Cook a type of food that I have never tried to make before.
10. Go to a county I have never been to before. (Ok, I'm counting this...we were slated to go to Canada on our Alaskan cruise, but couldn't port because of the wind.  So I tried! And we got to see the Canadian coast...that counts, right? :))
11. Go to New York during Christmas.
12. Go skiing.
13. Buy an embroidery machine.
14. Transfer my passport to my married name.
15. Get a massage.
16. Get a facial.
17. Buy a really expensive pair of jeans. (It TOTALLY counts if they were expensive, but I got them on sale! :) )
18. Buy a Macbook.
19. (Private) (I'm calling it finished, just because I can't remember what it was! Haha! :))
20. Buy a new car.
21. Back up all of my pictures onto an external hard drive.

For My Mind

22. Get my master’s degree.
23. Read 5 good books. (5/5)
24. Learn a foreign language (at least enough to translate writing).
25. Watch ten new movies.
26. Watch 5 documentaries that teach me something.
27. Learn 100 new, completely random facts. (100/100)

For My Soul (I'll be the first to admit - this is the area that's lacking on this list.  I'm making it a priority starting now!)

28. Transfer my membership to First Methodist in Tuscaloosa.
29. Go to Sunday morning service every weekend possible.
30. Start having a quiet prayer time daily.
31. Get involved in a Sunday School class.
32. Decorate for Christmas the week of Thanksgiving every year.
33. Finish our Christmas stockings. (1/4)
34. Limit computer time to two hours a day. (This has been bad - with the blog design stuff, I just haven't done it!)
35. Watch a sunrise.
36. See The Nutcracker during Christmas.
37. Read the Bible, cover to cover.

For Others

38. Donate 10,000 grains of rice through (2,900/10,000)
39. Pay for the person behind me in a drive-thru.
40. Perform 1000 random acts of kindness for strangers.
41. Send a care package to a soldier that I don’t know.
42. Get Christmas presents for people who have helped us throughout the year (post lady, garbage men, etc.). (1/3)
43. Get each of my neighbors a small Christmas present every year. (1/3) (I tried this one year...we don't really talk to our neighbors a whole lot, so it just seems awkward.)
44. Volunteer locally.
45. Make a meal for a family that has had a loss or had a baby.

For My Health

46. Hit 125 pounds and maintain (give or take 5 pounds). (This happened for a little bit, then came Emma Ramey :))

47. Work out at least three times a week until I reach my goal weight; two times a week afterwards. (Still working on this after pregnancy, but I'm getting there slowly!)
48. Drink at least 6 cups of water a day.
49. Take vitamins every day.
50. Wash my face every night for a month.
51. Learn how to eat/cook organic.
52. (Private)

For My Wallet

53. Start using coupons.
54. Make a realistic budget for our household that we can follow every month.
55. Pay off all student loans and credit cards.
56. Establish a savings account with at least 6 months of income.
57. Go to a garage sale at least once a month. (0/33)
58. Only eat fast food or at restaurants twice a week (at most).
59. Keep our grocery bill under $25/week (yes, it is possible!).
60. Start making bows again; sell on ebay until I run out of materials.

For My Family and Marriage

61. Spend at least one hour of quality time with each other a night.
62. Go on monthly “date nights."
63. Get pregnant.
64. If we get pregnant before the 1001 days are up, have pregnancy pictures taken.
65. Once a month, do something with Noah that he wants to do and have Noah do something with me that I want to do.
66. Take a family vacation with Noah’s family.
67. Take a family vacation with my family.
68. Go on a really nice vacation (just the two of us) at least once before we have kids.
69. Transfer all of my childhood movies to DVD.
70. (Private)
71. Add 10 recipes to my collection. (Thanks Pinterest!)
72. Take dance lessons with Noah.
73. Start videotaping major events in our life.
74. Start doing random romantic things for Noah.
75. Send out Christmas Cards by December 5th every year. (1/3)

For Our Home

76. Vacuum at least once a week.
77. Buy a king sized bed.
78. Make a chore file that organizes what chores need to be done when.
79. Buy a new bath rug for the spare bath.
80. Decorate spare bathroom and master water closet.
81. Decorate office or convert it to a bedroom.
82. Start using all-natural cleaners.
83. Plant a fruit/vegetable garden.
84. Change out the big mirror in the master bathroom to 2 framed mirrors.
85. Re-sod the front yard.
86. Make our bed every day for a month. (I think I did this at least for 30 days in a row.)
87. Buy something new for our house every month.
88. Frame the painting in our bedroom.

For My Job

89. Make a fun and education classroom that my students will enjoy.
90. Learn at least two interesting facts about each of my students.
91. Read two books that help me be a better teacher.
92. Make a way to tell parents the good things about their children, not just the bad.
93. Buy something that will help my students learn at least once a month. (2/33) (I'm calling this one done - I bought enough in 2 months for at least a few years! :)
94. Help five children learn more about/find their passion. (I hope I did this!)
95. Buy a classical music CD to play for my students.

For Hardy

96. Play with Hardy at least 30 minutes a day. (This happened most of the time, but not every day.)
97. Buy him a new water/food bowl.
98. Celebrate his birthday every year.
99. Take him on daily walks (when it is not insanely hot outside).


100. Put this on the blog so I can be accountable.
101. Donate $10 to charity for every item I don’t complete at the end of 1001 days. (Yikes...guess I'm doing this now!)

Italics = in progress
Strikethrough = finished
Bold, colored writing = never accomplished or can't accomplish

So, if you're keeping track, that's 35 items I didn't do, and 66 that I either did or am still doing.  Not as bad as I thought!  And considering I was a little over-zealous in some of these, I'm happy with that. :)