Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Emma Ramey had her first trip out of town this weekend!  We thought it would be a good time to get her out and show her off. :)

We went and visited Noah's parents in Hattiesburg.  Since it isn't too far away and we'd feel a little more at home, we thought this would be a good first trip for her.  She did great!

On the way down Friday...she loves riding in the car!

She got to play on her new mat...and loved it!  This is where she hung out most of the weekend.

Watching TV with Daddy on her TWO month birthday Saturday!

I mentioned yesterday that she LOVES the TV now!  She watched it if she could see it all weekend.

On Saturday, Noah's parents kept Emma Ramey while we had a little mini lunch date and went shopping.  Then, on Sunday, they watched her while we took a trip to Biloxi to check out the new Margaritaville Casino!  It was a fun weekend and the grandparents got some grand baby time! :)

I got these pictures while we were gone...

Mississippi State was in the baseball championship that day, so they got this picture of her cheering them me, we had a talk later about how that was only a one day thing. :)

On Monday, Noah and his dad went fishing, so Emma Ramey and I hung out with her Nana.  She got to wear her red, white, and blue for Memorial Day! :)

We went to check out the fish once Daddy and Supe got home!

The gross fish...

She did great going home today too...slept pretty much the whole time.  We are so lucky that this girl likes the car and likes to sleep! :)

(We've moved the chest clip on the carseat up now...thanks for all of those that were concerned. :))

And Hardy finally found the one advantage to having a little sister...he gets to ride up front with Noah.  He was in heaven.